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Adam Barrett

Graphic Designer, Marketing, Performer, Producer, Production Assistant, Production Manager, Publicist, Set Designer, Stage Manager, Video, Video Designer, Videographer

Graphic Designer

The Events () Program Design
Adam Bailey is On Fire () Graphic Designer
The Living () Graphic Designer
The Assassination of Robert Ford: Dirty Little Coward () Poster & T-Shirt Design
The Killing Game () Poster, Flyer, Program Design
Proud () Program Design


Confessions of An Operatic Mute () Marketing and PR Associate


The Killing Game () Performer


Two Birds One Stone () Producer
Confederation Part I: Confederation & Riel () Producer
The Great War () Producer
Trudeau and the FLQ () VideoCabaret Producer
Trudeau and Levesque () VideoCabaret Producer

Production Assistant

The War of 1812 () Production Assistant

Production Manager

And Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of the Queens () Production Manager


The Stronger Variations () Publicity
A Spirit's Face () Publicity

Scenic Designer

Trudeau and the FLQ () Scenic Designer
Trudeau and Levesque () Scenic Designer
Trudeau and the FLQ () Scenic Designer

Set Designer

Memento Mori () Set Designer

Stage Manager

My Funny Valentine () Stage Manager


The Living () Promo Videos
Trudeau and the FLQ () Video
Trudeau and Levesque () Video

Video Designer

Confederation Part I: Confederation & Riel () Video Designer
The Great War () Video Designer


Forgiveness () Videographer