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The Killing Game ()

Produced by

Art & Lies Productions

Playwright: Eugene Ionèsco
Translator: Helen Gary Bishop
Director: Rosanna Saracino


The Annex Theatre


October 14th, 2013 – October 18th, 2013


Following the appearance of a mysterious Black Monk and the arrival of a devastating plague, a once gossipy burg quickly dissipates into packs of angry mobs, hypocrisy, crass opportunism, and arrant selfishness. Tragedy blends with the hilariously absurd. Clichés bend to controversy, as audiences bear witness to the extremes these citizens will go to in order to ensure their own survival. Only one thing is certain: there will be death. (


Vicktoria Adam Performer
Ryan Anning Performer
Adam Barrett Performer
Isaac Bell Performer
Cassidy Civiero Performer
Josh Connors Performer
Seth Drabinsky Performer
Thomas Duplessie Performer
Hannah Dyck Performer
Danie Friesen Performer
Sarah Kuzio Performer
Justine Lewis Performer
Kellen McRae Performer
Anne Meighan Performer
Micky Myers Performer
Becky Robinson Performer
Stephanie Seaton Performer
Megan Vickersadam Performer

Creative Team

Eugene Ionèsco Playwright
Helen Gary Bishop Translator
Rosanna Saracino Director
Rosanna Saracino Choreographer
Bryan Steele Lighting Designer
Katrina Carrier Costume Designer
Rosanna Saracino Costume Designer
Micky Myers Musical Composition (Original)
Luke Letourneau Musical Composition (Original)
Melanie Windle Choreographer (Preshow, Top of Master Scene ballet, final)
Sarah Kuzio Choreographer (ballet transition, between Scenes 4-6)
Nate Bitton Fight Director


David Liotta Stage Manager
Sarah Kuzio Dance Captain
Trason Nicholas Fernandes Hair and Makeup
Adam Zarboni Communications Manager
Adam Barrett Poster, Flyer, Program Design