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Trudeau and the FLQ ()

Produced by

Soulpepper Theatre Company and VideoCabaret

Playwright: Michael Hollingsworth
Director: Michael Hollingsworth


The Tank House Theatre


May 12th, 2015 – June 20th, 2015


As the centenary of Canada’s Confederation approaches, Québec separatists crank up the violence. On a stage lit by terrorist bombings, Professor Trudeau pirouettes to power. The acid-tripping rock-throwing ’60s are conjured by a master storyteller with the magical stagecraft of the VideoCabaret ensemble and the Dora Award-winning performance of Mac Fyfe as Trudeau. (


Aurora Browne FLQ Suzanne / Bertrand / Maggie Sinclair / Factory Worker / Minister Jean Marchand / Queen Elizabeth / Disco Woman / Chorister / Trudeaumaniac / Consul's Paramour / Soldier
Richard Alan Campbell FLQ Pierre / Anglo Reporter / RCMP Inspector / Factory Boss Smith / PQ Leader René Levesque / Disco Man / FLQ Marc / Chorister / Hippie / Movie-Goer / Consul Bodyguard / Pierre Laporte's Nephew
Cyrus Faird FLQ Paul / Cabinet Ministor Gérard Pelletier / General Charles De Gaulle / Goon / Disco Man / Hippie / Cameraman / Masseuse / Policewoman / Policeman
Mac Fyfe Pierre Trudeau / Bank Teller / Consul Bodyguard / Policeman
Craig Lauzon Maurice / Hippie / Chorister / James Cross / FLQ Bob
Linda Prystawska FLQ Jacques / Québec Reporter / Student / Bistro Waitress / Québec Premier Johnson / Québec Premier Bourassa / Factory Worker / Policeman / Trudeau's Disco Date / Chorister / Hippie / Trudeaumaniac / Soldier
Michaela Washburn Yvonne Tremblay / Student / RCMP Inspector / Factory Worker / Prime Minister Lester Pearson / Deputy Premier Pierre Laporte / Mrs. James Cross / Letter Mailer / Chorister / Blotto the Hippie / Disco Woman / Trudeaumaniac / Cameraman / American Consul

Creative Team

Michael Hollingsworth Playwright
Michael Hollingsworth Director
Deanne Taylor Associate Director
Astrid Janson Costumes
Andrew Dollar Lighting
Brad Harley Scenic Designer
Adam Barrett Scenic Designer
Melanie McNeill Associate Costume Designer
Jake Blackwood Sound Designer
Jake Blackwood Additional Music
Alice Norton Wigs
Andrew J. Paterson Music
Brent Snyder Music
Brad Harley Props
Brad Harley Drawings
Adam Barrett Video


Andrew Dollar Stage Manager
Joanne Rumstein-Ellis Assistant Stage Manager
Jordana Weiss Apprentice Stage Manager
Natassia Brunato Costume Maker
Johanna Edwards Costume Maker
Lina Falomkina Costume Maker
Rachel Forbes Costume Maker
Alex Mancini Costume Maker
Leana Mukhina Costume Maker
Anne Barber Props Assistant
Alicia Kuntze Props Assistant
Arber Makri Props Assistant
Courtenay Goodwin Wig Assistant
Annie Lefebvre Wig Assistant
Michelle Tracey Wig Assistant
Andy Moro Lighting Consultant
Andy Moro Video Consultant
Nick Andison Video Consultant
Chris Clifford Video Consultant
Cameron Davis Video Consultant
Bongo Kolycius Video Consultant
Lina Falomkina Proscenium Swag
Deanne Taylor VideoCabaret Producer
Adam Barrett VideoCabaret Producer