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Rachel Forbes

Costume Designer, Designer, General Manager, Lighting Designer, Production Manager, Prop Designer, Properties Crew, Set Designer, Stage Manager, Wardrobe Crew

Assistant Costume Designer

Avaricious () Assistant Costume Designer
The Tempest () Assistant Costume Designer
Watching Glory Die () Assistant Costume Designer

Assistant Set Designer

Watching Glory Die () Assistant Set Designer

Costume Designer

speaking of sneaking () Costume Designer
Body So Fluorescent () Costume Designer
Fairview () Costume Designer
Choir Boy () Costume Designer
Copy That () Costume Designer
A Streetcar Named Desire () Costume Designer
Portia's Julius Caesar () Costume Designer
Pygmalion () Costume Designer
The Other Side of the Game () Costume Designer
Lukumi () Costume Designer
Black Boys () Costume Designer
Secrets of a Black Boy () Costume Designer
Bloodclaat () Costume Designer
Turkey Shoot! () Costume Designer
Osia () Costume Designer
Bleeders () Costume Designer
Trudeau and the FLQ () Apprentice Costume Designer

Costume Maker

The Great War () Costume Maker
Trudeau and the FLQ () Costume Maker
Trudeau and Levesque () Costume Maker


Something is Wrong () The Architect

Lighting Designer

Osia () Lighting Designer

Production Manager

Next to Normal () Production Manager

Prop Designer

Vierge () Prop Designer
Turkey Shoot! () Prop Designer
Osia () Prop Designer

Property Master

Spring Awakening () Props Designer

Set Designer

Topdog/Underdog () Set Designer
speaking of sneaking () Set Designer
Vierge () Set Designer
Choir Boy () Set Designer
Copy That () Set Designer
School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls () Set Designer
Portia's Julius Caesar () Set Designer
Pygmalion () Set Designer
Lukumi () Set Designer
Black Boys () Set Designer
Bloodclaat () Set Designer
Turkey Shoot! () Set Designer
Osia () Set Designer
Bleeders () Set Designer
Esu Crossing the Middle Passage () Set Designer
Contempt () Set Designer
Once on this Island () Apprentice Set Designer
Next to Normal () Set Designer
Next to Normal () Set Designer

Stage Manager

Next to Normal () Stage Manager


Clearwater Theatre Company General Manager