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Pygmalion ()

Produced by

Guild Festival Theatre

Playwright: George Bernard Shaw
Director: Jeannette Lambermont-Morey


Guild Festival Theatre


June 11th, 2018 – August 12th, 2018


Pygmalion, arguably George Bernard Shaws best and most popular play, is a brilliantly constructed comedy of manners inspired by the classical myth of a sculptor who falls in love with his own creation. A sort of Cinderella fairy tale injected with a shot of feminism, it is a crushing condemnation of the British class system.

We meet Henry Higgins, an arrogant, self-centred misogynist disenchanted with society and certain of his own superiority. When an ambitious young flower seller comes to him to make a better life for herself, he sees only a lab experiment. Before she knows it, Eliza Doolittle is caught in his project, sliding down the slippery slope toward her undoing.

With the power of glorious Celtic song, a trio of fierce female spirits urges the story along as Eliza navigates the delightful journey toward her necessary independence. (


Devon Bryan Alfred Doolittle
Shane Carty Henry Higgins
Manon Ens-Lapointe Clara Eynsford Hill
Tracey Ferencz Mrs Pearce / Mrs Higgins
Emma Ferreira Freddy Eynsford Hill
Siobhan O’Malley Eliza Doolittle
David John Phillips Colonel Pickering
Ashlie White Mrs Eynsford Hill

Creative Team

George Bernard Shaw Playwright
Jeannette Lambermont-Morey Director
Rachel Forbes Set Designer
Rachel Forbes Costume Designer
Cosette Pin Lighting Designer
Jawon Kang Assistant Set Designer
Jawon Kang Assistant Costume Designer
Micaela Morey Musical Director


Manon Ens-Lapointe Eynsford Hill (Band)
Emma Ferreira Eynsford Hill (Band)
Ashlie White Eynsford Hill (Band)


Michaela Sheldon Stage Manager
Muhaddisah Assistant Stage Manager
Deanna Galati Marketing and Communications
Janet Heise Producer
Cosette Pin Technical Director
Juwayriyyah Alam Box Office Assistant
Maya Royer Assistant Technical Director
Yi Gao Poster Image
John Mason Mockup
Anna Kavehmehr Graphic Design (Poster)
Barry Scheffer Photography