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Portia’s Julius Caesar ()

Produced by

Shakespeare in the Ruff

Playwrights: William Shakespeare and Kaitlyn Riordan
Director: Eva Barrie


Withrow Park


August 16th, 2018 – September 3rd, 2018


A radical adaption of Shakespeare’s beloved classic. Explore a Rome that you’ve never seen before…and meet some re-imagined characters who have been itching to have their voices heard. (


Deborah Drakeford Servilia
Nikki Duval Calpurnia
Christine Horne Portia
Kwaku Okyere Cassius / Washerwoman
Adriano Sobretodo Jr. Brutus / Washerwoman
Giovanni Spina Marc Antony / Washwoman
Tahirih Vejdani Casca / Soothsayer / Foreign Leader
Jeff Yung Julius Caesar / Washerwoman
Troy Sarju Young Ruffian Chorus
Sienna Singh Young Ruffian Chorus
Jahnelle Jones-Williams Young Ruffian Chorus

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Kaitlyn Riordan Playwright
Eva Barrie Director
Rachel Forbes Set Designer
Rachel Forbes Costume Designer
Jareth Li Lighting Designer
Miquelon Rodriguez Sound Designer
Miquelon Rodriguez Composer
Andrew Joseph Richardson Dramaturge
Eva Barrie Dramaturge


Tamara Vuckovic Stage Manager
Amelia Blaine Assistant Stage Manager
David Costello Technical Director
David Costello Production Manager
Kate Walker Producer
Caitlin Sullivan Youth Development Coordinator
Thom Stoneman Youth Development Coordinator
Nicole Smieja Marketing Intern
Chelsea Woolley FOH Manager
Elizabeth Morris Deaf Community Consultant
Megan Leahy Publicist