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The Great War ()

Produced by


Presented by

Soulpepper Theatre Company

Playwright: Michael Hollingsworth
Directors: Michael Hollingsworth and Deanne Taylor

The History of the Village of the Small Huts, 1914 – 1918


The Tank House Theatre


April 1 - 6 , 2016


April 1st, 2016 – May 14th, 2016



In 1914 many cultures struggle to be heard in the national dialogue, but British Canada is still a well-fed bulldog with a loud bark. When war looms in Europe, the loyal colony musters a tenth of its people to defend the Empire. VideoCabaret’s award-winning ensemble conjures the battlefront and the home front with the trench-humour of soldiers, the follies of leaders, and the tragic farce of warfare. (


Rick Alan Campbell Solicitor General Arthur Meighen / Servant / Colonel Arthur Currie / Sir Wilfred Laurier / Soldier / Factory Foreman
Jamie Cavanagh Private Dave Anderson / Armand LaVergne / Minister of Militia Sam Hughes
Mac Fyfe Lieutenant Robert Adams / Duke of Connaught (Governor General of Canada) / German Prisoner / Military Messenger / Soldiers / Mute Patient
Jacob James Lieutenant Stephen Ramsay / Henri Bourassa / British Soldier / Army Chaplain Scott / Soldiers / Trenchfoot Patient
David Jansen Sir Robert Borden / Johnnie's Mother / Colonel Otto Von Schlippenschloppen / General Julian Byng / Dwayne / Soldier
Aviva Armour-Ostroff Duchess of Connaught / Dave's Father / Private John / Private Jacques / Mabel / Mlle Armentiere / Soldiers / Mute Patient / Nurse
Linda Prystawska Edith Ramsay / Laura Borden / Madge / Soldiers / General Alderson / Nurse / Mlle Armentiere

Creative Team

Michael Hollingsworth Playwright
Michael Hollingsworth Director
Deanne Taylor Co-Director
Astrid Janson Costume Designer
Melanie McNeill Costume Designer
Alice Norton Wig Designer
Andrew Dollar Lighting Designer
Brad Harley Prop Designer & Drawings
Adam Barrett Video Designer
Brent Snyder Music
Jake Blackwood Sound Designer
Eric Bellamy Assistant Sound Designer
Courtney Goodwin Wig Apprentice
Rebecca McDermid Wig Apprentice
Zoe Camille Kime Wig Apprentice
Rachel Forbes Costume Maker
Lina Falomkina Costume Maker
Marianne Alas Costume Maker
Avik Mukherjee Props Builder
Anne Barber Props Builder


Andrew Dollar Production Manager
Andrew Dollar Stage Manager
Joanne Rumstein-Ellis Assistant Stage Manager


Bennett Hyslop House Technician
Jesse Gilmour Production Assistant
Adam Barrett Producer
Deanne Taylor Producer