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David Jansen

Consultant, Creator, Director, Performer, Producer

Assistant Director

An Enemy of the People () Assistant Director
The Dwarfs () Assistant Director


Serious Money () Production Consultant


Ubuntu (The Cape Town Project) () Creator


Dinner with the Duchess () David
The Audience () John Major
The Great War () Sir Robert Borden / Johnnie's Mother / Colonel Otto Von Schlippenschloppen / General Julian Byng / Dwayne / Soldier
The Ugly One () Lette
The Ugly One () Lette
The Winter's Tale () Leontes
The Cosmonaut's Last Message to the Woman He Once Loved in the Former Soviet Union () Keith / Bernard
Cloud 9 () Clive / Cathy
Ubuntu (The Cape Town Project) () Michael / Caretaker
Chimera () Roy Ruggles
3 Squares a Day () Thomas James


The Silencing of Rachel Corrie () Producer