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The War of 1812 ()

Produced by


Presented by

The Young Centre for the Performing Arts

Playwright: Michael Hollingsworth
Director: Michael Hollingsworth


The Tank House Theatre


April 9 - 16, 2013


April 17th, 2013 – June 23rd, 2013

Awards & Nominations

2013 Dora Award Winner – Outstanding Direction, Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Costume Design

2013 Dora Award Nominee – Outstanding Production, Outstanding Lighting Design, Outstanding Sound Design


When America declares war on Britain and her empire, a Native confederation led by the Shawnee chief Tecumseh defends its own territory by joining in the defence of Canada. After three years of bloodshed on land and lake, the Yankees have burned York, the Yorkees have burned Washington, and everyone has burned the Natives. (


Paul Braunstein Governor General Prevost / Gen. Rensselaer / American Soldier
Aurora Browne The Prophet / Sophia Shaw / Mrs. Hull / Cow / Wyandot Soldier / De Salaberry / British & American Soldiers
Richard Alan Campbell Gen. Harrison / James Secord / Gen Sheaffe / Gen. Drummond / Servant / British & American Soldiers
Richard Clarkin Gen. Isaac Brock / Gen. Winfield Scott / Gen. Pike / Gen. Ross / Cabinet Man / British & American Soldiers
Mac Fyfe Captain Fitzgibbon / Aneas Shaw / General Proctor / Cabinet Man / British & American Soldiers
Derek Garza Tecumseh / Gen. Hall / Cow / British & American Soldiers
Jacob James President Madison / John Strachan / Richard Boerstler / Joseph Willcocks / British & American Soldiers
Linda Prystawska Dolly Madison / Laura Secord / Ann Strachan / British & American Soldiers

Creative Team

Michael Hollingsworth Playwright
Michael Hollingsworth Director
Deanne Taylor Associate Director
Andy Moro Set Designer
Andy Moro Lighting Designer
Astrid Janson Costume Designer
Brent Snyder Composer
Brent Snyder Sound Designer
Jake Blackwood Sound Designer
Brad Harley Props
Alice Norton Wigs
Melanie McNeill Assistant Costume Designer
Peter Alexander Additional Music
Ken Purvis Additional Music
Gavin Watt Additional Music


Andrew Dollar Stage Manager
Mac Fyfe Research Assistant
Laurie Merredew Assistant Stage Manager
Barbara Cassidy Costume Maker
Erika Connor Costume Maker
Lina Falomkina Costume Maker
Deanna Brown Cutter
Marianne Alas Milliner
Arber Makri Props Assistant
Lina Falomkina Proscenium Swag & Costume Repair
Phoebe Norton Wig Assistant
Wendy Seater Wig Assistant
Adam Barrett Production Assistant
Jim LeFrancois Producer
Deanne Taylor Producer


Melissa Grandovec House Technician
William Fallon Audio Technician