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Confederation Part I: Confederation & Riel ()

Produced by


Presented by

Soulpepper Theatre Company

Playwright: Michael Hollingsworth
Director: Michael Hollingsworth
Co-Director: Deanne Taylor

The History of the Village of the Small Huts, 1861 – 1870


The Michael Young Theatre


June 9th, 2017 – August 19th, 2017


VideoCabaret spectacularly conjures the era of Confederation in four tragicomic one-act plays, presented in two parts.

Confederation – John A. Macdonald masterminds the deal-making that leads to the fireworks on July 1, 1867. In a Montreal hotbed of anti-confederationists, Wilfrid Laurier meets Louis Riel.

Riel – Macdonald plans to turn the west into one big Ontario. Riel and Métis leaders collide with surveyors, and religious radicals plot terror; Laurier is spurred to act on his multi-cultural and secular ideals. (


Kevin Bundy Bishop Ignace Bourger / Cabinet Minister D'Arcy McGee / Governor General Lord Monck / Father of Bon Bon / Metis Leader Ambroise Lepine / Soldier
Greg Campbell Co-Premiere of the Canadas Sir George-Etienne Cartier / Red River Archbishop Tache / SEminary Student / 1837 Rebel Louis-Joseph Papineau / HBC Governor Archibald Mactavish / Soldier
Richard Alan Campbell Cabinet Minister & Globe Founder George Brown / Lawyer Rodolphe Laflamme / Orange Lodge GrandMaster and Land Developer John Christian Schultz / HBC Owner Donald Smith
Jamie Cavanagh Wilfred Laurier / Seminary Student / PEI Premiere George Coles / Fenian William O'Donoghue / Manitoba Governor William McDougall
Richard Clarkin Prime Minister John A. Macdonald / Anti-Confederationiste Eric Dorion / Radical Orangeman Thomas Scott
Kat Letwin Zoe (Lafontaine Laurier / New BRunswick Premiere Samuel Tilley / Metis Norbert Ledoux / Colonel Garnet Wolseley
Linda Prystawska Madame Julie Riel / Madame Gauthier / Seminary Student / Cabinet Minister and Baron of Industry Alexander Gault / Nova Scotia Premier Charles Tupper / Bon Bon Guernon / Lady Agnes Macdonald / Fenian Patrick Whelan
Michaela Washburn Louis Riel / Charlottetown Bum Boater

Creative Team

Michael Hollingsworth Playwright
Michael Hollingsworth Director
Deanne Taylor Co-Director
Andrew Dollar Lighting Designer
Astrid Janson Costume Designer
Melanie McNeill Costume Designer
Alice Norton Wig Designer
Adam Barrett Video Designer
Brent Snyder Music
Richard Feren Sound Designer
Paul Braunstein Assistant Director


Andrew Dollar Stage Manager
Joanne Rumstein-Ellis Assistant Stage Manager
Jessie Fraser Sound Assistant
Lina Falomkina Wardrobe Supervisor
Marianne Alas Costume Maker
Natassia Brunato Costume Maker
Michelle Connolly Costume Maker
Manon de Gagne Costume Maker
Jenni Lee Pickett Costume Maker
Ketrice Anderson Costume Intern
Sophie Moynan Costume Intern
Anne Barber Props Builder
Ishai Buchbinder Props Builder
Alicia Kuntze Props Builder
Sarah Gaby-Trotz Wig Assistant
Kira Duff Wig Assistant
Rebecca McDermid Wig Assistant
Oshan Starreveld Wig Assistant
Sally Roberts Technician
Daniel Sinclair Technician
Dillan Chiblow Rehearsal Auditor


Adam Barrett Producer
Andrew Dollar Director of Production
Jessie Fraser Archive
Rick Simon Graphic Designer
Bongo Kolycius Video
Chris Clifford Video
Michael Cooper Photography
Nijole Mockevicius Bookkeeper