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Dead End ()

Produced by

Theatre Lab

Playwright: Jonny Sun
Director: Michael Orlando


Factory Studio Theatre


October 5th, 2016 – October 23rd, 2016


What is there left to do when you have one bullet, one granola bar, and one zombie blocking the only exit? That’s the dilemma facing these two survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Having narrowly escaped certain death, it appears their luck has finally run out. With the zombie slowly nearing, they contemplate survival, fear, humanness, and their relationship with each other. Suspenseful and darkly comedic, DEAD END follows in the tradition of playwrights such as Martin McDonagh and David Ives, and is unique in its use of narrow staging and single setting to convey the feeling of claustrophobia and impending doom. (


Christian Smith Performer
Chris Wilson Performer
Ceridwen Kingstone Performer

Creative Team

Jonny Sun Playwright
Michael Orlando Director
Melissa Joakim Lighting Designer
Jason O’Brien Sound Designer
Megan Fraser Special Effects Designer
Roselie Williamson Costumes
Louisa Zhu Fight Director
Erick Fournier Assistant Fight Director


Heather Bellingham Stage Manager
Dennis Williamson Production Carpenter
Valentina Vatskovskaya Production Hair/Makeup
Sue Edworthy Publicity
Lauren McCauley Publicity Assistant
Michael Orlando Producer
Jonny Sun Producer
Sigrid Velis Associate Producer
Kevin Vidal Associate Producer