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Sebastian Marziali

Choreographer, Crew, Designer, Director, Dramaturge, Light Walker, Lighting Designer, Metcalf Artistic Intern, Performer, Producer, Properties Crew, Surtitles

Assistant Director

What I Learned From a Decade of Fear () Assistant Director

Assistant Lighting Designer

Blood Weddings / Bodas de Sangre () Assistant Lighting Designer


CARMILLA () Choreographer
Lysistrata () Choreographer


Becoming Burlesque () Co-Director


Lilies; Or, The Revival of a Romantic Drama () Crew
Kopernikus () Crew
Gertrude and Alice () Crew
The Nether () Crew
Our Town () Crew

Design Assistant

Alien Creature () Design Assistant


The Laundry List () Dramaturge

Light Walker

Alias Godot () Light Walker
Democracy () Sound and Light Walker

Lighting Designer

Mayhem at Miskatonic: A Burlesque Mystery Game () Lighting Designer
CARMILLA () Lighting Designer
Lysistrata () Lighting Designer


A Streetcar Named Desire () Pablo / Mexican Vendor
The Laundry List () Narrator
Mayhem at Miskatonic: A Burlesque Mystery Game () B. Cumbersnatch, the explorer
Stories From the Fringe () Performer
CARMILLA () General Spielsdorf
Lysistrata () Cinesias / Officer Laches
Blood Weddings / Bodas de Sangre () Youth / Ensemble
Changeling: A Grand Guignol for Murderous Times () Alsmero
Blood Wedding / Bodas de Sangre () Youth / Ensemble
Transit Diaries () Chorus
Vampire Lesbians of Sodom () Ali / Etienne / PJ


Upon the Fragile Shore () Producer

Props Assistant

East of Berlin () Props Assistant


Marine Life () Surtitles
What I learned from a decade of fear () Titles
The Refuge of Freidel () Titles


Aluna Theatre Metcalf Artistic Intern