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Upon the Fragile Shore ()

Produced by

CorpOLuz Theatre and Go Play Producing

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Caridad Svich
Director: Carla Melo


The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator Space


August 6th, 2015 – August 16th, 2015


How can we reach across borders to deal with loss? Nine interwoven tales. Four actors. Sixteen characters. Three mythical beings. A Seer, two mothers, a father, a militant son, a daughter, a potential boyfriend, a brother, a partner, a sister, a refugee, a sole survivor, a man going blind, a storyteller, an insignificant person and a leopard. (


Lara Arabian Performer
Aisha Bentham Performer
Jonah Hundert Performer
Alejandra Simmons Performer

Creative Team

Caridad Svich Playwright
Carla Melo Director
Manuel Alejandro Gutierrez Media Designer
Shane Miersch Sound Designer
Micah Champagne Lighting Designer
Manuel Alejandro Gutierrez Projection Designer
Laura Gardner Costume Designer
Lilia Leon Choreographic Consultant


Megan Gordge Stage Manager
Sebastian Marziali Producer
Carla Melo Producer


Sarah “Pip” Bradford Venue Technician
J.P. Robichaud Venue Technician