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Alias Godot ()

Produced by

Tarragon Theatre

Playwright: Brendan Gall
Director: Richard Rose


Tarragon Theatre – Mainspace


April 22nd, 2008 – June 1st, 2008


After a harrowing night on the beat, veteran detective Vincent and his rookie partner Edward find themselves holed up in a dank New York City precinct with a baffling suspect – a foreigner named Godot. Godot had the misfortune to stumble upon a secret meeting between the crooked Vincent and his elusive contact, Jimmy Nicknam es, in a dark and lonely alley. It was a serious misstep on his part, and Vincent – always the type of guy to look out for number one – makes no bones about the fact that si nce Godot saw some thing he shouldn’t have seen, he will have to be eliminated: (Tarragon Theatre Study Guide)


Paul Braunstein Edward
Alon Nashman Godot
David Ferry Vincent
Tony Nappo Rocko
Geoffrey Pounsett Linus

Creative Team

Brendan Gall Playwright
Richard Rose Director
Teresa Przybylski Set Designer
Teresa Przybylski Costume Designer
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
Thomas Ryder Payne Sound Designer
Thomas Ryder Payne Composer
Liz Truchanowicz Assistant Director
John Stead Fight Director


Diane Konkin Stage Manager
Liz Campbell Assistant Stage Manager
Eric Armstrong Vocal Coach
Michael Wheeler Script Coordinator
Cylla von Tiedemann Photographer
Kilby Smith-McGregor Graphic Designer
Monica Viani Milliner
Bill Stahl Assistant Carpenter
Lindsay Walker Properties Manager
J. Louis Berenguer Carpentry Crew
Bryan Eaton Carpentry Crew
Dan Gallo Carpentry Crew
Kevin Hutson Carpentry Crew
Kate McKay Carpentry Crew
Jake Blackwood Lighting Crew
David DeGrow Lighting Crew
Dan Gallo Lighting Crew
Maryann Hodgson Lighting Crew
Kevin Hutson Lighting Crew
Stefan Lenzi Lighting Crew
Kate McKay Lighting Crew
Joey Morin Lighting Crew
Shanna Miller Lighting Crew
Matthew Pochwalowski Lighting Crew
Julia Torrant Painting Crew
Amanda White Painting Crew
Sebastian Marziali Light Walker
Shelby Neilsen Light Walker
Shelby Neilsen Production Assistant


Verne Good Mainspace Technician
Michael Freeman Production Manager
Paul Fujimoto-Pihl Technical Director
Ian Chappell Head Carpenter
Lindsay Anne Black Head Scenic Artist
Chlöe Anderson Head of Wardrobe