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David DeGrow

Backspace Technician, Consultant, Crew, Designer, Graphic Designer, Lighting Designer, Lighting Technician, Production Manager, Prop Designer, Set Designer, Sound Designer, Stage Manager, Technical Director, Technician, Venue Technician

Awards & Nominations

2015 Dora Award Nominee (Independent Theatre Division) – Outstanding Lighting Design (Monday Nights)

2014 Dora Award Nominee ~ Independent – Outstanding Lighting Design (The Tin Drum)

Assistant Lighting Designer

Tout Comme Elle (Just Like Her) () Assistant Lighting Designer


Trace () Lighting Consultation


Midsummer (a play with songs) () Set & Lighting Crew
The Millennial Malcontent () Lighting & Set Crew
Elle () Crew
The Unplugging () Crew
To Kill a Mockingbird () Crew
Beatrice & Virgil () Crew
Annie () Crew
The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble () Set Install and Lighting Crew
Night of the Living Dead Live () Crew
Crash () Crew
On the Rocks () Crew
Crash () Crew
The Rez Sisters () Load-in & Lighting Crew
A Boy Called Newfoundland () Crew
Featuring Loretta () Load-in and Light Crew
Birnam Wood () Technical Crew
Goodness () Crew
The Madness of the Square () Crew
Scratch () Crew


Pyaasa () Designer


The Children's Republic () Electrician
The Drawer Boy () Electrician

Festival Lighting Designer

Complex () Festival Lighting Designer
Fuck You! You Fucking Perv! () Festival Lighting Designer
Bitter Medicine () Festival Lighting Designer
He Left Quietly () Festival Lighting Designer
Unintentionally Depressing Children's Tales () Festival Lighting Designer
Lizardboy () Festival Lighting Designer
Morning Glory () Festival Lighting Designer
Kayak () Festival Lighting Designer
I Was Barbie () Festival Lighting Designer
The Saddest Girl in the World () Festival Lighting Designer
Greenland () Festival Lighting Designer

Graphic Designer

Macbeth Reflected () Graphic Designer

House Technician

Highway 63: The Fort Mac Show () Backspace Coordinator
Oh My Irma () Backspace Coordinator
The Cure for Everything () Backspace Coordinator
Hard Times () Backspace Coordinator
Letters to My Grandma () Backspace Coordinator
Salt Baby () Backstage Crew

Lighting Crew

The Realistic Joneses () Lighting Crew
Wormwood () Lighting Crew
The Trouble with Mr. Adams () Lighting Crew
Sextet () Lighting Crew
Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave () Lighting Crew
The Real World () Lighting Crew
word!sound!powah! () Lighting Crew
blood.claat () Lighting Crew
benu () Lighting Crew
If We Were Birds () Lighting Crew
Courageous () Lighting Crew
Rocking The Cradle () Lighting Crew
House of Many Tongues () Lighting Crew
The Patient Hour () Lighting Crew
Ubuntu (The Cape Town Project) () Lighting Crew
The Black Rider: The Casting of the Magic Bullets () Lighting Crew
Alias Godot () Lighting Crew
The Unfortunate Misadventures of Masha Galinski () Lighting Crew

Lighting Designer

Earworm () Lighting Designer
Corporate Finch () Lighting Designer
Legally Blonde: The Musical () Lighting Designer
Winter of 88 () Lighting Designer
Monday Nights () Lighting Designer
Good Morning Viet Mom () Lighting Designer
Good Morning, Viet Mom () Lighting Designer
Morro & Jasp in Stupefaction () Lighting Designer
A Moment of Silence () Lighting Designer
We the Family () Lighting Designer
Morro & Jasp 9 - 5 () Lighting Designer
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue () Lighting Designer
Monday Nights () Lighting Designer
Dreaming of Rob Ford () Lighting Designer
Of Mice and Morro and Jasp () Lighting Designer
The Tin Drum () Lighting Designer
Bone Cage () Lighting Designer
Oh My Irma () Original Lighting Designer
Passion Play () Lighting Designer
Eirlys & Eckhart () Lighting Designer
The 501: Toronto in Transit () Lighting Designer
Mister Baxter () Lighting Designer
A Song for Tomorrow () Lighting Designer
Dutchman () Lighting Designer
Pietà () Lighting Designer
Dying Hard () Lighting Designer
The Washing Machine () Lighting Designer
Modern Love () Lighting Designer
Jesus Chrysler () Lighting Designer
Hallaj () Lighting Designer
Those Who Can't Do... () Lighting Designer
This Wide Night () Lighting Designer
Head à Tête () Lighting Designer
Oh My Irma () Lighting Designer
Roshni () Lighting Designer
The Cure for Everything () Lighting Designer
Future Folk () Lighting Designer
Macbeth Reflected () Lighting Designer
My Funny Valentine () Lighting Designer
Dedicated to the Revolutions () Lighting Assistant
Letters to my Grandma () Lighting Designer
Legoland () Lighting Designer
Pyaasa () Lighting Designer
Pyaasa () Lighting Designer

Production Designer

Pyaasa () Production Designer
Letters to My Grandma () Production Designer

Production Manager

Through the Bamboo () Production Manager
Monday Nights () Production Manager
Good Morning Viet Mom () Production Manager
Jerusalem () Production Manager
Good Morning, Viet Mom () Production Manager
Belleville () Production Manager
Forgiveness () Production Manager
The Tin Drum () Production Manager
Dirty Butterfly () Production Manager
Passion Play () Production Manager
Chile Con Carne () Production Manager
Café Daughter () Production Manager
Fare Game: Life in Toronto's Taxis () Interim Production Manager
The Four Corners () Production Manager
Queen West Project () Production Manager
Gruesome Playground Injuries () Production Manager

Prop Designer

Tragedie of Lear () Prop Designer

Set Designer

Tragedie of Lear () Set Designer
Little Crickets () Set Designer
Morro and Jasp Gone Wild () Set Designer
Letters to my Grandma () Set Designer

Sound Designer

Letters to my Grandma () Sound Designer

Stage Manager

Pyaasa () Stage Manager

Technical Director

Good Morning Viet Mom () Technical Director
Night of the Living Dead Live () Technical Director
Dedicated to the Revolutions () Technical Director


Potosí () Technician

Venue Technician

How May I Hate You? () Venue Technician
Mad Life Imagined () Venue Technician
A Drop of Water () Venue Technician
Debris () Venue Technician
Overtime () Venue Technician
Yeats: A Ceremony of Innocence? () Venue Technician
Redefining Wonder () Venue Technician
Rounding the Bend () Venue Technician
Exposure () Venue Technician
OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Darryl () Venue Technician
Little Death () Relief Technician
Lizardboy () Venue Technician
Morning Glory () Venue Technician
Sex, Religion, and Other Hang-Ups () Venue Technician
Morro and Jasp Gone Wild () Backspace Technician
Rising Below the Sun () Venue Technician
Kayak () Venue Technician
I Was Barbie () Venue Technician
The Saddest Girl in the World () Venue Technician
Pu-Erh () Venue Technician
Morro and Jasp Do Puberty () Venue Technician
Future Folk () Venue Technician
Such Creatures () Backspace Coordinator
Greenland () Venue Technician
Tijuana Cure () Backspace Technician
Letters to my Grandma () Backspace Technician
You Fancy Yourself () Venue Technician
Legoland () Venue Technician
Pyaasa () Venue Technician
Crush () Venue Technician
The Emergency Monologues () Venue Technician
Madre () Backspace Coordinator


Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace Technician (2008-2011)
Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace Venue Technician (2009-2011)