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Passion Play ()

Produced by

Convergence Theatre and Outside the March Theatre Company and Sheep No Wool Theatre Company

Presented by

Crow’s Theatre

Playwright: Sarah Ruhl
Directors: Mitchell Cushman and Alan Dilworth and Aaron Willis


Eastminster United Church
Withrow Park


June 6 - 9, 2013


June 10th, 2013 – June 30th, 2013

Awards & Nominations

2014 Dora Award Winner ~ Independent – Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble

2014 Dora Award Nominee ~ Independent – Outstanding Costume Design (Michelle Bailey)

2014 Toronto Theatre Critics Award Winner – Best International Play (Sarah Ruhl)


Wildly ambitious in theme and scope, Passion Play is a three-part saga that examines a company of amateur actors staging a traditional passion play at three different historical moments: Elizabethan England, Nazi Germany and Reagan-Era America. This triptych explores the collision of religion, politics, and theatre, and how the stories we tell shape who we are as individuals and as a community. (


Maev Beaty Queen Elizabeth / Hitler / Reagan
Richard Binsley Visiting Friar / Visting Englishman / VA Doctor
Katherine Cullen Carpenter 1
Amy Keating Village Idiot / Violet
Andrew Kushnir John / Eric / J
Sam Kalilieh Machinist / German Officer / Young Director
Cyrus Lane Pontius / Foot Soldier / P
Mayko Nguyen Mary 1
Jordan Pettle Director
Thrasso Petras Carpenter 2
Julie Tepperman Mary 2
Bilal Baig Passion Player
HAUI Passion Player
Kathryn Davis Passion Player
Kasey Dunn Passion Player
Aviva Philipp-Muller Passion Player / Rehearsal Undestudy
Cheyenne Scott Passion Player / Rehearsal Understudy
Harsharan Sidhu Passion Player
Jesse Watts Passion Player

Creative Team

Sarah Ruhl Playwright
Mitchell Cushman Director
Alan Dilworth Director
Aaron Willis Director
Jung-Hye Kim Set Designer
Jung-Hye Kim Prop Designer
Michelle Bailey Costume Designer
David DeGrow Lighting Designer
Samuel Sholdice Sound and Music Design
Kaitlin Hickey Assistant Director
Sam Godfrey Assistant Director
Simon Fon Fight Director


Marinda de Beer Stage Manager
Bryn McLeod Assistant Stage Manager
Evan Harkai Assistant Stage Manager
Lily Ross-Millard Assistant Stage Manager
David DeGrow Production Manager
Byron Abalos Associate Producer
Dan Daley Associate Producer
Colin A. Doyle Associate Producer
Kaitlin Hickey Assistant Technical Director
Ellen Roach Wardrobe Assistant
Holly Meyer-Dymny Props Builder
Thrasso Petras Movement Coach
Jordan Pettle Fight Captain
Katherine Cullen Biblical Research Dramaturge
Joel Gordon Promo & Archival Videos
Keith Barker Press & Archival Photos
Chloe Cushman Illustration & Graphic Design
Simon Bloom Web Designer
Suzanne Cheriton Publicist
Jesse Watts Driver