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Bone Cage ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre

Playwright: Catherine Banks
Director: Matt White


Hart House Theatre


September 20th, 2013 – October 5th, 2013


Bone Cage explores the desolation and desperate struggle of a group of young adults striving to rise above the pillaged landscape of rural Nova Scotia. Through dark poetry and wry humour, Banks creates a world where all people are trapped in cages of their own construction–as inescapable as their own bodies. (


Nate Bitton Jamie
Samantha Coyle Chicky
Lindsey Middleton Krista
Kyle Purcell Kevin
Layne Coleman Clarence
Tim Walker Robbie
Jennie Egerdie Lissa

Creative Team

Catherine Banks Playwright
Matt White Director
Elizabeth Kantor Set Designer
Ming Wong Costume Designer
David DeGrow Lighting Designer
Alex Punzalan Junior Lead Sound Designer
Michael Gibbs Associate Sound Designer
Rebecca Ballarin Assistant Director
Nate Bitton Fight Choreographer
Melissa-Jane Shaw Dance Choreographer


Mona Elayyan Stage Manager
Jackie McClelland Properties
Scott Gorman Carpenter
Tammy Fenner Scenic Artist
Trason Nicholas Fernandes Make-up
Alexandra K. Smith Make-Up
Saheb Dhody Assistant Stage Manager
Lacey Juk Assistant Stage Manager
Laura Lakatosh Assistant Stage Manager
Olga Petrik Assistant Stage Manager
Elif Karachuk Production Crew
Danielle Racioppo Production Crew
Yolanda Zhang Production Crew
Daniel DiMarco Production Photographer
Scott Gorman Production Photographer


Brian Campbell Technical Director
Christopher Hains House Technician
Gillian Lewis Production Coordinator