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Gillian Lewis

Archive, Painter, Production Coordinator, Production Manager, Stage Manager

Apprentice Stage Manager

Offensive Shadows () Apprentice Stage Manager
The Babysitter () Apprentice Stage Manager


300 Tapes () Archive

Assistant Stage Manager

Madhouse Variations () Assistant Stage Manager


Vincent River () Painter

Production Coordinator

The Gray - A Wilde Musical in Concert () Production Coordinator
Three Sisters () Production Coordinator
The Rocky Horror Show () Production Coordinator
Retreat () Production Coordinator
The Penelopiad () Production Coordinator
Heathers: The Musical () Production Coordinator
Twelfth Night () Production Coordinator
Bone Cage () Production Coordinator
Dedicated to the Revolutions () Production Coordinator

Production Manager

Fishskin Trousers () Production Manager
Adventure! () Production Manager
This Lime Tree Bower () Production Manager
Like a Dog () Production Manager
Hero & Leander () Production Manager
Infinitum () Production Manager
Vincent River () Production Manager
Madhouse Variations () Production Manager
Harriet's House () Production Manager
The Land of I Told You So () Production Manager

Stage Manager

From the House of Mirth () Stage Manager
This Lime Tree Bower () Stage Manager
Queen West Project () Stage Manager
Soulo () Stage Manager
Like a Dog () Stage Manager
Doc Wuthergloom's Haunted Medicine Show () Stage Manager
Rent () Stage Manager
300 Tapes () Stage Manager
Fear & Misery of the Third Reich () Stage Manager
Rum and Vodka () Stage Manager
First Hand Woman () Stage Manager
A Soldier's Story (L'Histoire du Soldat) () Stage Manager
Lost Daughter () Stage Manager
Rum and Vodka () Stage Manager
The Man in the Moon () Stage Manager
Winners () Stage Manager
Hard Ways () Stage Manager
The Land of I Told You So () Stage Manager


Shrimp Magnet Theatre Company Production Manager
Eldritch Theatre Production Manager
Your Good Friends