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The Penelopiad ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre

Playwright: Margaret Atwood
Director: Michelle Langille


Hart House Theatre


November 9th, 2018 – November 24th, 2018


In The Penelopiad, award-winning storyteller, Margaret Atwood, weaves a historic saga from a new perspective.

After years of loyalty through untold hardship and upon her hero-husband’s return from war, Penelope’s fidelity is rewarded with butchery and abuse. Featuring a cast of women and Atwood’s wry humour, The Penelopiad is a re-examining of an epic HIS-story, which uncovers the hypocrisy of the iconic “good wife”. (


Amanda Cordner Penelope
Shanoa Philips Tanis / Suitor / Maid Trio
Jeanne-Arlette Marie Parson Iole / Anticleia / Maid Trio
Brianna Diodati Celandine / Laertes
Ellie Posadas Narcissa / Helen
Shannon Dickens Selene / Icarius
Kyra Weichert Alecto / Telemachus
Rose-Ingrid Benjamin Kerthia / Oracle / Maid Trio
Arielle Zamora Chloris / Odysseus
Nyiri Karakas Melantho
Neta J. Rose Zoe / Eurycleia
Julia Hussey Phasiana / Antinous
Hannah-Rae Sabyan Klytie / Naiad

Creative Team

Margaret Atwood Playwright
Michelle Langille Director
Holly Meyer-Dymny Set Designer
Cat Haywood Costume Designer
Steph Raposo Lighting Designer
Andy Trithardt Sound Designer
Jonathan Corkal-Astorga Music Director
Hannah-Rae Sabyan Assistant Director
Christie Del Monte Offsite Costume Design Assistant
Alexis Venerus Onsite Costume Design Assistant


Kathleen Hemsworth Stage Manager
Tarquin Alexandra Assistant Stage Manager
Hareem Haider Assistant Stage Manager
Kira Duff Scenic Painter
Jennifer Jakob Head of Wardrobe
Kelly Anderson Head of Properties
Alyssa Obrigewitsch Production Stage Manager
Victoria Banjavcic Wardrobe Build Crew
Alex Edwards Wardrobe Build Crew
Amal Ismail-Ladak Wardrobe Build Crew
Brianna Lane Wardrobe Build Crew
Dora Skenderi Wardrobe Build Crew
Natalia Sydorenko Wardrobe Build Crew
Jinyoung Lee Wardrobe Build Crew
Melanie Chiro Production Assistant
Sumana Dhanani Production Assistant
Danielle Holder Production Assistant
Zafrin Islam Production Assistant
Paul Nunez Production Assistant
Maria Ochoa Production Assistant
Loralie Pollard Production Assistant
Aleksei Shkurin Production Assistant
Levi Tepner Production Assistant
Rosamond Turner Production Assistant
Veronica Vatsa Production Assistant
Tara Costello Wardrobe Running Crew
Natalia Sydorenko Wardrobe Running Crew
Tamoya Thomas Wardrobe Running Crew
Lindsey Holland Operator
Sheilla Shojaie Operator


Gillian Lewis Production Coordinator
Brian Campbell Technical Director
Brian Campbell Production Manager
Tim Davidson House Technician
Parker Nowlan House Technician
Scott Gorman Resident Carpenter