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Infinitum ()

Produced by

The Cheshire Unicorn

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creator: Melissa Major
Director: Melissa Major
Choreographer: Faye Rauw

Live Original Music by Dr. Draw




The Annex Theatre


July 7th, 2011 – July 17th, 2011


Emma Bartolomucci Performer
Krystina Chabursky Performer
Sarah Kuzio Performer
Katelyn McCulloch Performer
Katelyn Parish Performer
Stephanie Seaton Performer

Creative Team

Melissa Major Creator
Melissa Major Director
Faye Rauw Choreographer
Eugene Draw Composer
Emily Porter Sound Designer
Andrew Martin-Smith Projections
Trason Nicholas Fernandes Makeup Design


Chris Clifford Technical Director
Chris Clifford Videographer
Mike Smith Publicity Designer
Scott Penner Costume Consultant
Natalie Fullerton Aerial Consultant
Gillian Lewis Production Manager
Tara Mohan Stage Manager
Ariel Martin-Smith Production Assistant
Timna Ben-Ari Producer
Veronica Campbell Producer