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Adventure! ()

Produced by

Your Good Friends

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Matthew Gorman
Director: Matthew Gorman


Factory Mainspace Theatre


July 4th, 2013 – July 13th, 2013


Trumpets! Knights! Tigers!
Holy Sh*t!
An explosion of escapism following a dashing knight’s fall from grace. With his faithful squire at his side, Sir Godfrey rescues princesses, fights danger and tries to keep his dignity as a mysterious plague wreaks havoc on the land. An adventure tale for the ages. Also there is a tiger. (


Jim Armstrong Gott / Doorman / Black Knight
Colin Edwards Osric / Pilgrim / Der Tod
Carter Hayden Langley / Adso / Actor
Eleanor Hewlings Sybil / Boy
Tara Koehler Pumpkin
Andy Trithardt Godfrey

Creative Team

Matthew Gorman Playwright
Matthew Gorman Director
Raha Javanfar Lighting Designer
Ming Wong Costumes


Mary Keenan Stage Manager
Gillian Lewis Production Manager


Josh Hoodless Venue Technician
Bryan Eaton Venue Technician
Jamie Monteiro Festival Lighting Designer
Jamie Monteiro Venue Technician