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Vincent River ()

Produced by

Cart/Horse Theatre

Playwright: Philip Ridley
Director: Stewart Arnott


Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space


February 8th, 2011 – February 20th, 2011


Set in the East End of London, Vincent River is an unforgiving, lyrical and hysterical drama about a bereaved mother and the tormented young man who crashes into her life. In the aftermath of a hate crime, Anita and Davey  search for the answer to the simplest and most impossible of questions: Why? Gripping, brutal and darkly hilarious, Vincent River explores the classic themes of the power of narrative, loss, the repression of sexual identity, bigotry and prejudice and the family as a destructive force with fierce honesty. (


Kyra Harper Anita
Matthew Gorman Davey

Creative Team

Philip Ridley Playwright
Stewart Arnott Director
Lindsay Anne Black Designer
Kevin Hutson Lighting Designer
Dave Plowman Sound Designer
Christopher Stanton Sound Designer
Stewart Arnott Sound Designer


Ainsley Kendrick Stage Manager
Gillian Lewis Production Manager
Brendan Gilhuly Head Carpenter
Stephanie Milic Head Scenic Artist
Jay Dart Poster Art
Gillian Lewis Painter
Vanessa Janiszewski Painter
Orenda Cahill Seamstress
John Thomson Crew
Kai Masaoka Crew
Ryan Oliver Crew
Suzie Balogh Crew
Megan Gariepy Producer


Kevin Hutson Venue Technician