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John Thomson

Carpenter, Crew, Extraspace Technician, Lighting Designer, Lighting Technician, Performer, Properties Crew, Technical Director, Venue Technician

Assistant Technical Director

The Summoned () Assistant Technical Director
You Will Remember Me () Assistant Technical Director
Mustard () Assistant Technical Director
Within the Glass () Assistant Technical Director
Much Ado About Nothing () Assistant Technical Director
Infinity () Assistant Technical Director
Cake and Dirt () Assistant Technical Director
Abyss () Assistant Technical Director
Waiting Room () Assistant Technical Director
Lungs () Assistant Technical Director
Sextet () Assistant Technical Director
An Enemy of the People () Assistant Technical Director

Carpentry Crew

The Year of Magical Thinking () Carpentry Crew


On the Rocks () Crew
The Ugly One () Crew
Vincent River () Crew
The Big League () Crew
Roshni () Crew
The Universal Wolf () Set and Props Crew
Dance of the Red Skirts () Crew
Better Living () Crew

Extra Space Technician

A Brimful of Asha () Extra Space Technician

House Technician

Cinderella in Muddy York () House Technician

Lighting Crew

A God in Need of Help () Lighting Crew
The Valley () Lighting Crew
In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) () Lighting Crew
Forests () Lighting Crew
After Akhmatova () Lighting Crew
More Fine Girls () Lighting Crew
Wide Awake Hearts () Lighting Crew
The Year of Magical Thinking () Lighting Crew
The Clockmaker () Lighting Crew
Rocking The Cradle () Lighting Crew
Molière () Lighting Crew
Bashir Lazhar () Lighting Crew
The Black Rider: The Casting of the Magic Bullets () Lighting Crew
The Fall () Lighting Crew
Democracy () Lighting Crew

Lighting Designer

The Memo () Lighting Designer


Stories From the Fringe () Performer

Props Builder

Romeo & Juliet () Props Builder

Technical Director

The Runner () Technical Director
This Was the World () Technical Director
Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes (, ) Technical Director
Buffoon () Technical Director
Copy That () Technical Director
The Jungle () Technical Director
Yaga () Technical Director
Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story () Technical Director
Guarded Girls () Technical Director
New Magic Valley Fun Town () Technical Director
Cottagers and Indians () Technical Director
Kiviuq Returns: An Inuit Epic () Technical Director
The Message () Technical Director
Theory () Technical Director
Harlem Duet () Technical Director
Girls Like That () Technical Director
Bunny () Technical Director
Mustard () Technical Director
Mr. Shi and His Lover () Technical Director
Other Jesus () Technical Director
Midsummer (a play with songs) () Technical Director
The Millennial Malcontent () Technical Director
Peace River Country () Technical Director
Infinity () Technical Director
Sequence () Technical Director
The Realistic Joneses () Technical Director
The Circle () Technical Director
The Watershed () Technical Director
Wormwood () Interim Technical Director
The Trouble with Mr. Adams () Interim Technical Director
An Enemy of the People () Interim Technical Director
Blind Date () Interim Technical Director
Handle With Care () Technical Director

Venue Technician

Lungs () Venue Technician
The Ugly One () Extraspace Technician
The Double () Extraspace Technician
How Can I Forget? () Venue Technician
Maria Gets a New Life () Venue Technician
Utopia () Venue Technician
Delicacy () Venue Technician
Eating Pomegranates Naked () Venue Technician
Murderers Confess at Christmas Time () Venue Technician
Show and Tell Alexander Bell () Venue Technician
The Charge of the Expormidable Moose () Venue Technician
Other People's Children () Venue Technician
Little One () Venue Technician
This is War () Venue Technician
A Brimful of Asha () Extra Space Technician
Miss Caledonia () Extraspace Technician
Actor () Extraspace Technican
11 Times () Extraspace Technician
Children Don't Cry () Extraspace Technician
A Toast () Extraspace Technician
Unreal City () Extraspace Technician
Universe Inc () Extraspace Technician
Think Positive () Extraspace Technician
Plasterface () Extraspace Technician
Hypothetically () Extraspace Technician
Snow Burns () Extraspace Technician
An Explosive Pie in the Belleby Kitchen () Extraspace Technician
Purple Toes () Extraspace Technician
Noble Savages () Extraspace Technician
Stockholm () Venue Technician
word!sound!powah! () Extraspace Technician
blood.claat () Extraspace Technician
benu () Extraspace Technician
White Rabbit, Red Rabbit () Venue Technician
The New Electric Ballroom () Interim Extra Space Coordinator
Post Eden () Venue Technician
Haunted Hillbilly () Venue Technician
Ride the Cyclone () Venue Technician
The Kreutzer Sonata () Venue Technician
Homegrown () Venue Technician
The Plank () Venue Technician
The Epic of Gilgamesh (Up Until the Part Where Enkidu Dies) () Venue Technician
The Middle Place () Venue Technician
Montparnasse () Venue Technician
XXX Live Nude Girls () Venue Technician
Ablaze () Venue Technician
Marla's Party () Venue Technician
Fewer Emergencies () Venue Technician
(Never Underestimate) The Power () Venue Technician
Anorexican () Venue Technician
Hard Ways () Venue Technician


Tarragon Theatre Technical Director
Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space Extraspace Technician (2011-2014)