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Hard Ways ()

Produced by

Essential Collective Theatre Company

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Jason Cadieux
Director: Jeannine Boschman


Factory Studio Theatre


August 3rd, 2007 – August 9th, 2007


Problem gambling, border paranoia, and the hypnotic beauty of Niagara Falls all mix together in Hard Ways, a new tragic comedy. (2007 Summerworks Festival Program)


Jason Cadieux Performer

Creative Team

Jason Cadieux Playwright
Jeannine Boschman Director
Stephanie Jones Assistant Director
Erica Sherwood Sound Designer
Ian Carpenter Dramaturge
Jeannine Boschman Dramaturge
Jason Cadieux Set Designer
Jeannine Boschman Set Designer
Jason Cadieux Costume Designer
Jeannine Boschman Costume Designer


Gillian Lewis Stage Manager
Gen Jones Assistant Stage Manager
Jason Cadieux Producer
Stephanie Jones Producer


John Thomson Venue Technician
Shawn Henry Venue Technician
Rebecca Picherack Festival Lighting Designer