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Cinderella in Muddy York ()

Produced by

Puppetmongers Theatre

Playwrights: Ann Powell and David Powell and Sue Miner and Harrow Mascow
Director: Sue Miner


Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space


December 26th, 2015 – January 1st, 2016


The much loved story of Cinderella is reset in 1830’s Upper Canada, just as “Muddy” York is to be renamed Toronto, and where the very Canadian Cinderella is expected to cater to every whim of her recently immigrated stepmother and sisters.  True to the classic fairy tale, with a little magic and some imaginative special effects our resourceful girl does get herself to the Ball, and to the satisfying conclusion of the play.

The performance is ingeniously staged with a traditional marionette theatre that transforms as the story unfolds into scenes evoking the wilderness, pioneer life and early Canadian society.  Cinderella in Muddy York is a whimsical but informative take on Toronto history that tickles the funny bones of children and adults alike.


Ann Powell Performer
David Powell Performer

Creative Team

Ann Powell Playwright
David Powell Playwright
Sue Miner Playwright
Harrow Mascow Playwright
Sue Miner Director
Ann Powell Designer
David Powell Designer
Kevin Hutson Lighting Designer


Sue Miner Music Selection


Ann Powell Puppet Builder
David Powell Puppet Builder
Bonnie Thomson Stage Manager
John Thomson House Technician


Kim Howe Administrator