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Bonnie Thomson

Carpenter, Creator, Crew, Designer, Painter, Performer, Playwright, Producer, Production Manager, Prop Designer, Properties Crew, Sound Technician, Stage Manager, Technical Director, Venue Technician


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Technical Theatre from Ryerson University

Assistant Production Manager

Singkil () Assistant Production Manager


Stories From the Fringe () Creator


The Universal Wolf () Set and Props Crew
Binti's Journey () Crew


Handle With Care () Designer


Stories From the Fringe () Performer
Handle With Care () Performer


Handle With Care () Playwright


Stories From the Fringe () Producer

Production Manager

The Memo () Production Manager
The Diary of Anne Frank () Production Manager

Prop Designer

Oh, Raven!! () Raven Costume Designer

Props Builder

Madhouse Variations () Props Builder
A Midsummer Night's Dream () Properties Construction

Scenic Painter

As I Must Live It () Scenic Painter

Set Carpenter

As I Must Live It () Set Construction

Sound Technician

ROCKgarden Party! An Interactive Children’s Musical () Sound Technician

Stage Manager

Cinderella in Muddy York () Stage Manager
Cinderella in Muddy York () Stage Manager
Tea at the Palace () Stage Manager
Hard Times () Stage Manager
Cinderella in Muddy York () Stage Manager
The Universal Wolf () Stage Manager

Technical Director

Dark Heart () Technical Co-ordinator
The Universal Wolf () Technical Director

Venue Technician

All Kidding Aside () Swing Technician
Toller () Swing Technician
Wild/Society () Swing Technician
Peter Vs. Chris () Swing Technician
In the Trenches: A Double Feature () Swing Technician
Into () Swing Technician
Like a Generation () Swing Technician
Kneel! Diamond Dogs () Swing Technician
Exit () Swing Technician
Like a Fly in Amber () Swing Technician
The Stage Managers Guide to Dating Assholes () Swing Technician
Falling Awake () Swing Technician
Saor (Free) () Swing Technician
Dance Animal: Toronto () Swing Technician
Gnaw () Swing Technician
Silk Bath () Venue Technician
Bright Lights () Swing Technician
Absolute Magic () Swing Technician
A Thousand Kindnesses () Swing Technician
A Midsummer Night's Dream... A Puppet Epic! () Venue Technician
The Secret Life of Walter Manny () Venue Technician
The Happiest Place on Earth () Venue Technician
Stay With Me () Venue Technician
Rovero & Juliet () Venue Technician
Bremen Rock City () Venue Technician
Honest Aesop's Fables () Venue Technician
Sundance () Venue Technician


Next Stage Theatre Festival Technical Director
Tangled Web Theatre Performer