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Cinderella in Muddy York ()

Produced by

Puppetmongers Theatre

Playwright: Sue Miner
Director: Sue Miner and Ann Powell
Creators: Ann Powell and David Powell and David Powell and Harrow Mascow and Harrow Mascow


Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space


December 19th, 2009 – January 1st, 2010


Ann Powell Performer
David Powell Performer

Creative Team

Sue Miner Script
Sue Miner Director
Ann Powell Script
Ann Powell Concept
David Powell Script
David Powell Concept
Ann Powell Designer
David Powell Designer
Harrow Mascow Script
Harrow Mascow Concept
Kevin Hutson Lighting Designer


Bonnie Thomson Stage Manager
David Powell Puppet Builder
Ann Powell Puppet Builder
Ann Powell Set Builder
David Pontello Set Builder
Linda Rogers Administrator


Kevin Hutson Extraspace Technician