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The Universal Wolf ()

Produced by

Thought for Food

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Joan Schenkar


Bread and Circus


July 2nd, 2009 – July 12th, 2009


A vicious new version of Little Red Riding Hood, with a post-modern twist. Come join the murderous Grandmère, her wicked granddaughter and the debonair Monsieur Woolf, as they cabaret their way through the deep, dark forest in this comedy of menace. (


Paul Rivers The Reader
Helen Juvonen Little Red Riding Hood
Tyler J. Seguin Monsieur Woolf
Sarah Davey Grandmère

Creative Team

Joan Schenkar Playwright
Andrew Clark Original Music
Anneke Ciup Costume Designer
Wendy Séguin Costume Designer
Paula Thomson Costume Designer


Neill Kernohan Pianist


Bonnie Thomson Stage Manager
Bonnie Thomson Technical Director
Joshua Koffman Stage Manager
Joshua Koffman Technical Director
Bonnie Thomson Set and Props Crew
Joshua Koffman Set and Props Crew
Anneke Ciup Set and Props Crew
John Thomson Set and Props Crew
Thom Séguin Grandmère's Chair Builder
Anneke Ciup Costume Maker
Wendy Séguin Costume Maker
Paula Thomson Costume Maker
Vanita Butrsingkorn Little Red's hood creator
Anneke Ciup Makeup, Prosthetics, and Special Effects
Vanessa Caldwell Publicity
Erika Rueter Publicity
Timothy Hennigar Publicity Photographs
Stéphane Le Brethon Original Poster Art