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Thought for Food



Established in 1994, Thought For Food is a Toronto-based company that began as a summer project for university and high school students. Fifteen years and fourteen productions later, the company remains dedicated to showcasing the talents of emerging artists. 

Originally just a play on words, in 1997 the company decided to live up to its name. To date we have collected over 250lbs of food for various Toronto area food banks by offering discounted tickets in exchange for donations.




Produced by Thought for Food

Dark Heart January 24th, 2018 – February 11th, 2018
The Trial of Judith K. January 28th, 2016 – February 14th, 2016
The Memo April 23rd, 2014 – May 10th, 2014
The Universal Wolf July 2nd, 2009 – July 12th, 2009