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The Happiest Place on Earth ()

Produced by

Blue Like an Orange Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Director: Daniel Lomas
Playwrights: Daniel Lomas and Imelda Villalon


The Palmerston Public Library Theatre


July 5th, 2013 – July 14th, 2013


Josephine, orphaned and raised by an unlikely father, must hide her true identity while she searches for her place in the world. Meet two wacky Doll Makers, a hilarious three-headed man, and rap with sea creatures Rockman and Starfish. Using whimsical costumes, puppets, and creative storytelling, accompany Josephine on a magical journey of the heart. (


Dustin Frank Mr. Seymour
Daniel Lomas Mayor 2
Mario Lourenço Rex / Starfish
Alexandra Manea Homeless Joe / Josephine
Deborah Ring Mayor Mom / Rockwoman / Woodcutter
Jennie Nicolle-Smith Willow / Mayor Niece
Imelda Villalon Puppa
Lenny Ziolkowskij Mayor / Inspector

Creative Team

Daniel Lomas Director
Imelda Villalon Assistant Director
Chuck Chaboyer Sound
Daniel Lomas Playwright
Imelda Villalon Playwright
Deborah Ring Rap Lyrics
Daniel Lomas Set
Imelda Villalon Set
Dustin Frank Costumes
Laboni Islam Costumes
Franklin Lavoié Costumes (Mayor & Seymour)
Kitsuné Soleil Costumes
Laboni Islam Shadow Slides


Imelda Villalon Producer
April Nicolle Production Manager
Dusty Frank Assistant Production Manager
April Nicolle Puppets
Jennie Nicolle-Smith Puppets
Kitsuné Soleil Puppets
Daniella Villalon Puppets
Imelda Villalon Puppets
April Nicolle Props
Jennie Nicolle-Smith Props
Kitsuné Soleil Props
Daniella Villalon Props
Imelda Villalon Props
Laboni Islam Publicity
Imelda Villalon Publicity
Julie King Graphic Designer
Julie King Web Designer


Bonnie Thomson Venue Technician
Rebecca Vandevelde Venue Technician
Katherine Smith Festival Lighting Designer