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Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead ()

Produced by

Neptune Theatre

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Playwright: Tom Stoppard
Director: Jeremy Webb


CAA Theatre


March 5th, 2024 – April 6th, 2024


Fate leads our two heroes to a tragic but inevitable end.

Hamlet is turned topsy-turvy in this brilliant modern comedic masterpiece that thrusts Shakespeare’s two minor characters to the forefront with no rules except one: they are destined to die. Reality and illusion mix as bewildered Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are trapped in a universe where their lives are left to chance with the flip of a coin. Can our hapless protagonists triumph in a battle of wits, escape their fate, and make sense of a senseless world? (


Dominic Monaghan Rosencrantz
Billy Boyd Guildenstern
Raquel Duffy Tragedian / Gertrude / Understudy for Amabassador
Mallory Amirault Tragedian / Ambassador / Understudy for Ophelia
Helen Belay Tragedian / Ophelia / Understudy for Fortinbras
Michael Blake The Player
Walter Borden Tragedian / Polonius
Drew Douris-O’Hara Tragedian / Alfred / Understudy for Rosencrantz & Laertes
Pasha Ebrahimi Tragedian / Hamlet / Understudy for Guildenstern
Jonathan Ellul Tragedian / Claudius / Understudy for Polonius
Santiago Guzmán Tragedian / Horatio / Understudy for Hamlet & Alfred
Jacob Sampson Tragedian / Laertes / Understudy for The Player & Claudius
Erin Tancock Tragedian / Fortinbras / Soldier / Understudy for Gertrude & Horatio

Creative Team

Tom Stoppard Playwright
Jeremy Webb Director
Andrew Cull Set Designer
Leigh Ann Vardy Lighting Designer
Deanna H. Choi Sound Designer
Deanna H. Choi Composer
Kaelen MacDonald Costume Designer
Angela Gasparetto Movement Director
Natasha Strilchuk CGDC Associate Director
Karen Bassett Fight Director
Adrian Choong RBC Chrysalis Director
Riley Reid RBC Chrysalis Sound Designer
Lucas Arab Assistant Set Designer
Ryan Wilcox Assistant Sound Designer
Cassie Seaboyer Mask Co-Designer


Sarah English Dialect Coach
Christine Oakey Stage Manager
Rachel Dawn Woods Assistant Stage Manager
Anna Spencer Assistant Stage Manager
John Thomson Technical Director
Andrew Cull Assistant Technical Director
Rick Banville Tour Technical Director
Taylor Andrews Head Scenic Carptener
Nicole Flynn Assistant Scenic Carpenter
Ben Cable Carpenter
Laurie Fleet Carpenter
Todd Armstrong Carpenter
Juan Rivas Carpenter
Al Collette Head Scenic Artist
Tomas Hiseler Assistant Scenic Artist
Mackenzie Cornfield Scenic Artist
Laurie Fleet Scenic Artist
Gina Thornhill Scenic Artist
Gina Woodward Scenic Artist
Hanna Laaksonen Head of Properties
Tessa Brentwood Props Assistant
Cassie Seaboyer Mask Creator
Helena Marriott Head of Wardrobe
Kat Penner Cutter
Kat Penner First Hand
Michelle Warren Costume Builder
Joan Stewart Costume Builder
Bethley Morrison Costume Builder
Sandra Zeyl Costume Builder
Sarah Paterson Costume Builder
Vekisha Macdonald Dresser
Andrew Crawford Head Electrician
Virg Iredale Lead Hand Lighting
Vern Endicott-Blinkhorn Lighting Crew
Sean Burke Lighting Crew
Judy Mayo Lighting Crew
Erica Strange Lighting Crew
Joe Micaleff Sound Coordinator
Justin Dakai Mic Technician
Ryan Rafuse Third Audio
Evan Brown Head of Staging
Martin Maunder Lead Hand Staging
Jesse Walker Staging Crew
Ben Cable Staging Crew
Madison Murphy Technician
Alexa Kirste Technician
Gina Woodward Technician
Gilann Lafreniere Production Buyer


David Mirvish Producer
Hannah Mirvish Producer
Brian Sewell Executive Producer
David Mucci Managing Director
Stephen Rebbeck Director of Production
Kendra Bator General Manager
Linda Intaschi Associate Producer
Sarah Sisko Assistant Producer
Anika Nater Senior Company Manager
Jen Cooper Associate Company Manager
Emily Knight Assistant Company Manager
Jason Powell General Manager
Paul Bourgeois Audio Technician
Ashton Vetter Lighting Technician
Oliver Churchill Carpenter
Noelle Hamlyn Wardrobe Assistant
Kevin McCarthy Building Operations Manager