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Within the Glass ()

Produced by

Tarragon Theatre

Playwright: Anna Chatterton
Director: Andrea Donaldson


Tarragon Theatre – Mainspace


January 6th, 2016 – February 14th, 2016


Two very different couples meet after a critical mistake at a fertility clinic. A fertilized egg has been implanted into the wrong woman. Over the course of an absurd evening, they fight to determine the uncertain future of their IVF child. This extraordinary pregnancy forces each of them to reassess their relationships, the depths of their desire to parent, and their hopes for the future – asking each person what they are willing to give up in the pursuit of a child. (


Paul Braunstein Scott
Nicola Correia-Damude Linda
Philippa Domville Darah
Rick Roberts Michael

Creative Team

Anna Chatterton Playwright
Andrea Donaldson Director
Julie Fox Set Designer
Julie Fox Costume Designer
Michael Rinaldi Sound Designer
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
Viktor Lukawski Assistant Director


Natasha Bean-Smith Stage Manager
Jacki Brabazon Apprentice Stage Manager
Ali Joy Richardson Script Coordinator
Jessica MacDuff Head Scenic Artist
Kevin Hutson Brick Layer
Paolo Collantes Carpentry Crew
Brendan Gilhuly Carpentry Crew
Jon Grosz Carpentry Crew
Bree Lawrence Carpentry Crew
Kody Lesouder Carpentry Crew
Ellen MacKay Carpentry Crew
Shanna Miller Carpentry Crew
Erin Birkenbergs Lighting Crew
Verne Good Lighting Crew
Kevin Hutson Lighting Crew
Chris Malkowski Lighting Crew
Shanna Miller Lighting Crew
Liz Maraston Lighting Crew
Eric Read Lighting Crew
Aidan Shepherd Lighting Crew
Erin Birkenbergs Sound Crew
Nick Rose Sound Crew


Eleanor Antoncic Production Manager
Chris Carlton Technical Director
Kevin Hutson Head Carpenter
Kathleen Johnston Head of Wardrobe
Jennifer Laws Mainspace Technician
John Thomson Assistant Technical Director
Care Robertson Head of Properties