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Brendan Gilhuly

Carpenter, Crew, Lighting Designer, Lighting Technician, Set Builder, Venue Technician

Assistant Carpenter

The Bakelite Masterpiece () Assistant Carpenter
The God that Comes () Assistant Carpenter
A God in Need of Help () Assistant Carpenter
Beatrice & Virgil () Assistant Carpenter
Marry Me a Little () Assistant Carpenter
Lungs () Assistant Carpenter
The Ugly One () Assistant Carpenter
Flesh and other Fragments of Love () Assistant Carpenter
The Valley () Assistant Carpenter
The Double () Assistant Carpenter
The Best Brothers () Assistant Carpenter
Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave () Assistant Carpenter
And Slowly Beauty () Assistant Carpenter
Little One () Assistant Carpenter
The Amorous Adventures of Anatol () Assistant Carpenter
This is War () Assistant Carpenter
A Brimful of Asha () Assistant Carpenter
The Little Years () Assistant Carpenter
Miss Caledonia () Assistant Carpenter
No Great Mischief () Assistant Carpenter
The Golden Dragon () Assistant Carpenter
Forests () Assistant Carpenter
The Misanthrope () Assistant Carpenter


Cam Baby () Carpenter
Agamemnon () Carpenter
Emily's Piano () Carpenter
Manon, Sandra and the Virgin Mary () Scenic Carpenter
Beyond the Cuckoo's Nest () Scenic Carpenter
Jesus Chrysler () Carpenter
Seussical () Scenic Carpenter
The Maids () Carpenter
The Post Office () Scenic Carpenter
Oh What a Lovely War () Carpenter

Carpentry Crew

The Summoned () Carpentry Crew
Within the Glass () Carpentry Crew
Much Ado About Nothing () Carpentry Crew
Infinity () Carpentry Crew
Abyss () Carpentry Crew
Waiting Room () Carpentry Crew
Sextet () Carpentry Crew
A God in Need of Help () Carpentry Crew
The Double () Carpentry Crew
The Best Brothers () Carpentry Crew
The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs () Carpentry Crew
A Brimful of Asha () Carpentry Crew
Name In Vain (Decalogue Two) () Carpentry Crew
In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) () Carpentry Crew
Forests () Carpentry Crew
More Fine Girls () Carpentry Crew
The Misanthrope () Carpentry Crew
Wide Awake Hearts () Carpentry Crew
Hush () Carpentry Crew


The De Chardin Project () Crew
To Kill a Mockingbird () Crew
Sea Sick () Crew
On the Rocks () Crew
Divisadero: A Performance () Crew
The Rez Sisters () Load-in & Lighting Crew
Sex, Religion, and Other Hang-Ups () Strike Crew
300 Tapes () Crew
Roshni () Crew


No Great Mischief () Electrician

Head Carpenter

Tombs of the Vanishing Indian () Scenic Carpenter
Vincent River () Head Carpenter

Lighting Crew

A Brimful of Asha () Lighting Crew

Lighting Designer

The Piano Tuner () Lighting Designer

Running Crew

The Story () Running Crew

Set Builder

The Story () Set Construction
The Story () Set Construction

Set Carpenter

This Is How We Got Here () Set Construction

Venue Technician

Macbeth Reflected () LOT Venue Technician