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A Brimful of Asha ()

Produced by

Why Not Theatre

Presented by

Tarragon Theatre

Playwrights: Asha Jain and Ravi Jain
Director: Ravi Jain


Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space


January 24th, 2012 – February 19th, 2012


Real-life mother and son, Asha and Ravi Jain, share the stage and tell this true (and very Canadian) story of generational and cultural clash. When Ravi takes a trip to India his parents decide it is the perfect time to introduce him to potential brides. Ravi is not sold on the idea of getting married-at least not yet-but Asha fears that time is running out. (


Asha Jain Performer
Ravi Jain Performer

Creative Team

Asha Jain Playwright
Ravi Jain Playwright
Ravi Jain Director
Julie Fox Set Designer
Beth Kates Video Designer
Beth Kates Lighting Designer
Ben Chaisson Motion Graphics
Kate Fraser Additional Video
Nabil Shash Additional Video


Joey Morin Production Manager
Sarena Parmar Stage Manager
Danielle Demeny Head Scenic Artist
Jenna Turk Script Coordinator
Matt Armour Carpentry Crew
Brendan Gilhuly Carpentry Crew
Verne Good Carpentry Crew
Verne Good Lighting Crew
Brendan Gilhuly Lighting Crew
Kevin Hutson Lighting Crew
Kevin Hutson Carpentry Crew
Wade Noble Carpentry Crew
Rebecca Vandevelde Carpentry Crew
Kai Masaoka Lighting Crew


Tom Baranski Head Carpenter
Michelle Bailey Head of Wardrobe
Lokki Ma Head of Properties
John Thomson Extra Space Technician
Paul Fujimoto-Pihl Technical Director