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The Bakelite Masterpiece ()

Produced by

Tarragon Theatre

Playwright: Kate Cayley
Director: Richard Rose


Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space


October 21st, 2014 – November 30th, 2014


The end of World War II. Holland is in chaos. The artist van Meegeren is arrested. His crime? Selling a long-lost painting by the Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer to Hermann Goering, Nazi leader. His defense? It was a perfect forgery painted by him. His proof? In front of his prosecutor (art historian and resistance fighter) Geert Piller, he must paint another flawless Vermeer to save his life. A play that debates beauty, faith, memory and the reconstruction of a country. (


Geordie Johnson Han van Meegeren
Irene Poole Geert Piller

Creative Team

Kate Cayley Playwright
Richard Rose Director
Charlotte Dean Set Designer
Charlotte Dean Costume Designer
André Du Toit Lighting Designer


Natasha Bean-Smith Stage Manager
Caitie Graham Script Coordinator
Brendan Gilhuly Assistant Carpenter
Paolo Collantes Carpentry Crew
Kody Lesouder Carpentry Crew
Kai Masaoka Carpentry Crew
Shanna Miller Carpentry Crew
Paolo Collantes Lighting Crew
Verne Good Lighting Crew
Kevin MacLeod Lighting Crew
Kai Masaoka Lighting Crew


Eric Read Venue Technician
Eleanor Antoncic Production Manager
Chris Carlton Technical Director
Michelle Bailey Head of Wardrobe
Kevin Hutson Head Carpenter
Care Robertson Head of Properties
Claire Cavanagh Metcalfe Design Intern