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Macbeth Reflected ()

Produced by

Theatre Jones Roy

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Adapter: Thomas Morgan Jones
Director: Thomas Morgan Jones


The Lower Ossington Theatre


January 16th, 2010 – January 24th, 2010


They are madly in love, and they are successful, powerful figures in top political and social circles. Then a dream stirs in them a lust for power, leading them to murder the king. With this act begins their estrangement, as their lust for power soon consumes their love. (


Mary Ashton Lady Macbeth
John Ng Macbeth

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Thomas Morgan Jones Adapting Playwright
Thomas Morgan Jones Director
David DeGrow Lighting Designer
Thomas Ryder Payne Sound Designer
Thomas Ryder Payne Composer
Kelly Wolf Set Designer
Kelly Wolf Costume Designer


Sarah Cutfield Stage Manager
Anusree Roy Producer
Ryan McDougall Production Manager
David DeGrow Graphic Designer
Erika Rueter Publicity
Lindsay Anne Black Photography


Brendan Gilhuly LOT Venue Technician