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The Big League ()

Produced by

Young People’s Theatre

Playwright: James Durham
Director: Mary Ellen MacLean


The Susan Rubes Theatre


January 31st, 2011 – February 24th, 2011


Tommy loves playing hockey with his friends – Roy “Deke” Mahovlich and Roberta “Bobby” Plante – but his Dad pressures him to up his game and moves him to a “better” team. Does friendship get benched when the competition heats up between teammates? While his Dad is yelling, Tommy gets conflicting advice from Don Berry and Ron McKleen. (


Matt Bois Deke / Ron McKleen
Mark McGrinder Ian / Don Berry
Simon Rainville Tommy
Tamila Zaslavsky Bobby

Creative Team

James Durham Playwright
Mary Ellen MacLean Director
Jung-Hye Kim Set Designer
Jung-Hye Kim Costume Designer
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
Lyon Smith Sound Designer
Lyon Smith Original Music
Stephen Colella Assistant Director
Siobhan Richardson Fight Director
Morgan-Leigh Harty Assistant Costume Designer
Morgan-Leigh Harty Assistant Set Designer


Andrea Schurman Stage Manager
Sarah Bustard Assistant Stage Manager
Mike Petersen Puppet Consultant
Matthew Marshall Assistant Carpenter
Matthew Marshall Painter
Ina Kerklaan Cutter
Miranda Lumley Stitcher
Elaine Cavin May Craftsperson
Kate Fenton Props Builder
Michael Dickinson Crew
Jenn Hewitt Crew
Shanna Miller Crew
John Thomson Crew
Dan McIlmoyl Crew
Eugenio Saenz Flores Crew


Alexis Buset Technical Director
Craig Smith Head Scenic Carpenter
Mattea Kennedy Head Scenic Artist
Jeff Cummings Production Manager
Mary Fulford-Winsor Head of Wardrobe
Scott Kitcher Stage Carpenter
Jacquie Lazar Head Electrician
Jane Kline Head of Properties
Elaine Cavin May Assistant Head of Wardrobe
Aiden Nagle Head of Audio
Ryan Wilson Head Scenic Carpenter