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Harriet’s House ()

Produced by

Gailey Road Productions

Playwright: Tara Goldstein
Director: Jocelyn Wickett


Hart House Theatre


July 2nd, 2010 – July 3rd, 2010


A contemporary drama of a mother and three daughters negotiating the challenges and politics of transnational adoption in a same-sex family. Harriet reluctantly gives 17-year old Luisa permission to return to the Catholic orphanage in Bogotá where she spent three years of her childhood.  But when she falls seriously ill, Harriet travels to Bogotá with her new partner Marty to bring Luisa home. (


Joanne Latimer Harriet
Supinder Wraich Luisa
Rebecca Applebaum Ana
Jorie Morrow Anita
Julie Burris Marty
Estée Feldman Clare

Creative Team

Tara Goldstein Playwright
Jocelyn Wickett Director
Dan Parker Composer
Dan Parker Sound Designer
Wade Gamble Lighting Designer
Esther Kim Production Designer


Tara Mohan Stage Manager
Gillian Lewis Production Manager
Tara Goldstein Producer
Monica Nunes Assistant Producer
Lisa Rupchand Graphic/Publicity Designer
Jake Goldstein Photography


Christopher Wilson House Technician