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The Babysitter ()

Produced by

Eldritch Theatre and Theatre Direct

Playwright: Eric Woolfe
Director: Michael Waller


Factory Studio Theatre


October 29th, 2006 – November 12th, 2006


The Babysitter  is a darkly comedic coming-of-age fable for teen audiences, performed by one actor, three actor-puppeteers and an eerie and ghoulish rabble of multi-sized puppets.

It combines elements of the traditional fairy tale, urban legend and archetypes, and structure borrowed from the slasher horror films of the late seventies and early eighties. These diverse elements combine to form a modern hero-myth for young people, which explore themes of struggle against violent adversity, gender issues and the necessity to break free from restrictive stereotypes and social-taboos as part of the natural process of personal maturation. (


Christine Brubaker The Nurse
Audrey Dwyer The Babysitter
Mike Petersen Kane Pomeranski
Eric Woolfe The Shrink

Creative Team

Eric Woolfe Playwright
Michael Waller Director
Joanna Dente Set Designer
Joanna Dente Costume Designer
Geoff Bouckley Lighting Designer
Eric Woolfe Puppet Design
Paul Sportelli Music and Sound Composition
Jay Turvey Music and Sound Composition
Michael Waller Sound Designer
Masayuki Hashimoto Assistant Sound Designer
Viv Moore Fight Choreographer


Freddy Gabrsek Guitarist
Paul Sportelli Keyboardist


Marie Fewer Stage Manager
Gillian Lewis Apprentice Stage Manager
Marianna Rosato Production Assistant
Beth Brown Production Manager
Kevin Steeper Associate Production Manager
Lynda Hill Artistic Producer
Julianne Baragar Producer
Freddy Gabrsek Recording Engineer
Lindsay Anne Black Props
Melanie McNeill Costume Coordinator
Mike Batt Crew
Kevin Hutson Crew
Verne Good Crew
Niki Kemeny Crew
Sue Daniel Education Consultant
Stacey Case Design and Screen Printing
Dawn Weaver Photography
John Lauener Photography
Julianne Baragar Publicity


Aaron Kelly Factory Studio Technician