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A Soldier’s Story (L’Histoire du Soldat) ()

Produced by

Flaming Mamie Productions

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Music: Igor Stravinsky
Librettist: C. F. Ramuz
Translator: Jeremy Sams
Director: Anita La Selva


Factory Mainspace Theatre


August 7th, 2008 – August 16th, 2008


A Soldier’s Story is a unique theatrical experience based on a Russian folk story about a soldier who is seduced by the devil. Three actors share the stage with a live chamber orchestra. Igor Stravinsky’s jarring and powerful music is woven throughout this compelling and magical story. (2008 Summerworks Festival Program)


Vanessa AvRuskin The Narrator / The Princess
Colin A. Doyle The Soldier
Christopher Sawchyn The Devil

Creative Team

Igor Stravinsky Music
C. F. Ramuz Librettist
Jeremy Sams Translator
Anita La Selva Director
Peter Defreitas Costumes
Julie Gallie Ragtime Coach
Christopher Sawchyn Ballroom Coach


Eric Paetkau Conductor
Bethany Bergman Violin
Max Christie Clarinet
Mike Fedyshyn Trumpet
Fraser Jackson Bassoon
Eric Lee Bass
David Pell Trombone
Ed Reifel Percussion


Vanessa AvRuskin Producer
Gillian Lewis Stage Manager
Sandra Herber Rehearsal Coordinator
Lisa Jane Laurin Graphic Artist
James Ramsay Photography


Josh Hoodless Venue Technician
Marc Rochefort Venue Technician
Kimberly Purtell Festival Lighting Designer