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Retreat ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre

Playwright: Kat Sandler
Director: Claire Burns


Hart House Theatre


March 1st, 2019 – March 9th, 2019


In a world where entering the work force means fighting for an unpaid internship, Retreat looks at the darker, and oftentimes comical, side of employment competition. Written by indie-theatre powerhouse, Kat Sandler, Retreat brilliantly explores the journey of four candidates who go on a hilarious, unexpected adventure to see who will “live up to” the job. (


Tony Tran Paul / Wise Gazelle
Terri Pimblett Nicole / Ladybeetle
Sebastian Biasucci Jordan / Brave Lion
Brittany Clough Kira / Otterbox
Justin Miller Candace Matchwick (As Pearle Harbour)

Creative Team

Kat Sandler Playwright
Claire Burns Director
Christine Ting-Huan 挺歡 Urquhart Set Designer
Ming Wong Costume Designer
Steph Raposo Lighting Designer
Bri Proke Sound Designer
Louisa Zhu Fight Director
Jacqueline Siu Associate Director
Natalia Sydorenko Assistant Set Designer
Hareem Haider Assistant Lighting Designer


Lin-Mei Lay Stage Manager
Terri Pimblett Fight Captain
Samantha Pierre Assistant Stage Manager
Janelle Stewart Head of Wardrobe
Kelly Anderson Head of Properties
Susanna Feng Scenic Painter
Kim North Scenic Painter
Natalie Voorn Costume Assistant
Lindsey Holland Operator
Zafrin Islam Operator
Sheilla Shojaie Operator
Natalia Sydorenko Operator
Amanda Abbasi Production Assistant
Tarquin Barber Production Assistant
Maria Bon Production Assistant
Lilian Chen Production Assistant
Katie Doyle Production Assistant
Tiffany Lam Production Assistant
Brianna Lane Production Assistant
Floris Looijesteijn Production Assistant
Alberta Tam Production Assistant
Levi Tepner Production Assistant


Doug Floyd General Manager
Gillian Lewis Production Coordinator
Brian Campbell Technical Director
Brian Campbell Production Manager
Emma Alderman Technical Coordinator
Tim Davidson House Technician
Parker Nowlan House Technician
Scott Gorman Resident Carpenter
Shashwat Sharma Resident Videographer