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Three Sisters ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre and The Howland Company

Playwright: Anton Chekhov
Director: Paolo Santalucia
Adapter: Paolo Santalucia


Hart House Theatre


October 26th, 2022 – November 12th, 2022


This contemporary adaptation of Chekhov’s Three Sisters explores our endless desire for meaning in an uncertain world. The play confronts what it means to be in love: with each other, with ourselves, and the people we choose to spend our lives with.

In the aftermath of their father’s passing, Three Sisters follows the four Prozorov siblings: Irina, Masha, Olga, and Andrei as they long to escape the uninhabitable present they’ve somehow managed to find themselves in, while idolizing an increasingly distant past and trying against all odds to maintain hope for a better tomorrow.

Weary of their small-town surroundings, the Prozorovs dream of returning to the home they left eleven long years ago. But ground down by disappointment, debt, and the oppressive ordinariness of their daily lives, they’re unsure if they’ll ever be able to get there.

It highlights the tension between the bright future we all long for, and the harsh realities of our current and radically changing world. It forces us to question what it was our parents tried to build for us and whether we want to inherit it. (


Shauna Thompson Irina
Caroline Toal Masha
Hallie Seline Olga
Ben Yoganathan Andrei
Ruth Goodwin Natasha
Kyra Harper Anfisa
Robert Persichini Ivan (Chebutykin)
Christine Horne Alex
Colin A. Doyle Theo (Kulygin)
Cameron Laurie Nicholas (Tuzenbach)
Maher Sinno Val (Solyony)
Ethan Zuchkan Peter (Fedotik)
郝邦宇Steven Hao Carl (Rode)
Dan Mousseau Theo (Kulygin)(Alternate)

Creative Team

Anton Chekhov Playwright
Paolo Santalucia Director
Paolo Santalucia Adapter
Nancy Perrin Set Designer
Nancy Perrin Costume Designer
Christian Horoszczak Lighting Designer
Andy Trithardt Sound Designer
Anna Kopacek Assistant Director
Ryan Borochovitz Assistant Dramaturge


Kat Chin Stage Manager
Raquel Ravivo Assistant Stage Manager
Brooke Logie Scenic Artist
Brendan Kinnon Head of Properties
Selina Jia Head of Wardrobe
Madeline Ius Wardrobe Consultant
Tara Downie Costume Design Assistant
Emma MacPherson Wardrobe Maintenance
Aria Kowal Set Design Assistant
Vicdan Cagil Okman Set Design Assistant
Maia Wells Sound Design Assistant
Meghan Hendrickson Backstage Crew
Cynthia Sa Backstage Crew
Michael Nebesny Operator
Samara Tower Operator
Charlie Olsen Operator
Annika Cudmore Production Assistant
Tiffany Dang Production Assistant
Zavié Di Lella Production Assistant
Damola Dina Production Assistant
Connor Ebbrell Production Assistant
Ray Jin Production Assistant
Kimia Karachi Production Assistant
Alex Liu Production Assistant
Matthew Martinez Production Assistant
Meagan Martinez Production Assistant
Avery McMillan Production Assistant
Niamh Moll Production Assistant
Lucie Morillon Production Assistant
Kelsey Phung Production Assistant
Sarah Son Production Assistant
Alberta Tam Production Assistant
Libby Wrightman Production Assistant
Rachel Yen Production Assistant
Cherry Zhang Production Assistant
Alyssa Obrigewitsch Production Assistant


Brian Campbell Production Manager
Brian Campbell Technical Director
Gillian Lewis Production Coordinator
Tim Davidson House Technician
Parker Nowlan House Technician
Scott Gorman Resident Carpenter