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The Howland Company



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The Howland Company strives for innovation on and off the stage. We are an artist-led and art-driven theatre company, dedicated to the production of electric stories that speak to the world and the times in which we live. Through an agile, collective-leadership model, Howland aims to build new operating structures that empower its artists with agency, skills, and growth opportunities. We seek to challenge and inspire our audiences through productions, training and community initiatives, fostering a new wave of theatre makers and theatre goers. (


Produced by The Howland Company

Hypothetical Baby December 8th, 2023 – December 17th, 2023
Heroes of the Fourth Turning October 3rd, 2023 – October 29th, 2023
Prodigal February 21st, 2023 – March 12th, 2023
Three Sisters October 26th, 2022 – November 12th, 2022
Casimir and Caroline January 14th, 2020 – February 9th, 2020
The Wolves October 9th, 2018 – October 27th, 2018
Entrances and Exits July 5th, 2018 – July 15th, 2018
Punk Rock March 29th, 2018 – April 14th, 2018
Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons July 6th, 2017 – July 16th, 2017
52 Pick-Up March 5th, 2015 – March 22nd, 2015
52 Pick-Up July 3rd, 2014 – July 13th, 2014

Presented by The Howland Company

The Glass Menagerie August 31st, 2016 – September 11th, 2016