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Heroes of the Fourth Turning ()

Produced by

Crow’s Theatre and The Howland Company

Playwright: Will Arbery
Director: Philip Akin


Streetcar Crowsnest – The Scotiabank Community Studio


October 3rd, 2023 – October 29th, 2023


On a chilly night in middle America, one week after the Charlottesville riots in 2017, four alumni gather to toast their mentor, the newly inducted president of their conservative Catholic college. In this daring look at a country at war with itself, their reunion spirals into spiritual chaos, clashing politics, and stunning revelations as they furiously grapple with their beliefs and sense of personal responsibility. (


Mac Fyfe Justin
Ruth Goodwin Teresa
Cameron Laurie Kevin
Maria Ricossa Gina
Hallie Seline Emily

Creative Team

Will Arbery Playwright
Philip Akin Director
Wes Babcock Set Designer
Wes Babcock Prop Designer
Logan Cracknell Lighting Designer
Laura Delchiaro Costume Designer
Jacob Lin 林鴻恩 Sound Designer
郝邦宇Steven Hao Assistant Director


Hannah MacMillan Stage Manager
Jeremy Hutton Production Manager


Heather Landon Senior Producer
Beth Wong Producer
LJ Savage Production Manager
LJ Savage Facilities Manager
Ryan Borshuk Technical Director
Amber Rea Assistant Technical Director
Jay Hines House Technician
Zachery White House Technician
Sergey Kublanovskiy House Technician