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Beth Wong

Company Manager, Lighting Designer, Mentor, Producer, Set Designer, Stage Manager

Apprentice Stage Manager

The Whipping Man () Apprentice Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Shakespeare's Nigga () Assistant Stage Manager

Company Manager

Sweat () Company Manager
Serious Money () Company Manager

Lighting Designer

Sundance () Lighting Designer


Almeida (The Glorious) () Stage Management Mentor


shaniqua in abstraction () Producer
Dana H. () Producer
Earworm () Producer
Uncle Vanya () Producer
Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 (, ) Producer
Bad Roads () Producer
Rocking Horse Winner () Producer
(Everyone I Love Has) A Terrible Fate (Befall Them) () Producer
Heroes of the Fourth Turning () Producer
The Master Plan () Producer
Maanomaa, My Brother () Producer, Blue Bird Theatre Collective

Set Designer

Sundance () Set Designer

Stage Manager

No Strings (Attached) () Stage Manager
Title and Deed () Stage Manager
They Say He Fell () Stage Manager
Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera () Stage Manager
The Femme Playlist () Stage Manager
Complex () Stage Manager
A Song for Tomorrow () Stage Manager
Enter the Shadow: The Life of a B-Boy () Stage Manager
Combat () Stage Manager