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Combat ()

Produced by

Sore for Punching You and Tiny Bird Theatre

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Director: Claire Calnan
Choreographers: Claire Calnan and Allison Cummings and Allison Cummings
Writer: Adam Underwood


The Great Hall – Longboat Hall


August 4th, 2011 – August 14th, 2011


We believe in a universal love.
We will hunt down all our enemies.
We search.
We destroy.
We believe in the Art of War.
We believe in peace on earth.
We will punch you in the face.



Lisa Codrington Performer
Luke Garwood Performer
Virgilia Griffith Performer
Kristy Kennedy Performer
Dylan Scott Smith Performer

Creative Team

Claire Calnan Director
Claire Calnan Choreographer
Allison Cummings Director
Allison Cummings Choreographer
Adam Underwood Writer
Adam Underwood Dramaturge
Lisa Codrington Creator
Luke Garwood Creator
Virgilia Griffith Creator
Kristy Kennedy Creator
Dylan Scott Smith Creator
Copper Brown Assistant Director
Shannon Lea Doyle Set Designer
Shannon Lea Doyle Costume Designer
Robert Perrault Sound Designer
Gabe Cropley Lighting Designer


Beth Wong Stage Manager
John Lauener Photography
Susie J Poster Design
Courtney Lyons Website
Jenny Young Producer