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Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 (, )

Produced by

Crow’s Theatre and The Musical Stage Company

Composer: Dave Malloy
Librettist: Dave Malloy
Orchestrations: Dave Malloy
Director: Chris Abraham
Choreographer: Ray Hogg


Streetcar Crowsnest – The Guloien Theatre


December 5th, 2023 – March 24th, 2024


This 12-time Tony-nominated musical delivers a radically contemporary and moving take on Tolstoy’s War and Peace with its audacious storytelling and groundbreaking score that mixes indie rock, pop, folk, electronic dance, and classic Broadway music. (


Divine Brown Hélène
Evan Buliung Pierre
Rita Dottor Ensemble / Understudy for Hélène & Mary
Camille Eanga-Selenge Sonya / Understudy for Natasha
Donna Garner Ensemble / Understudy for Marya
Hailey Gillis Natasha
George Krissa Anatole
Tyler Pearse Dolokhov / Ensemble / Understudy for Anatole (Feb 20 until Closing)
Lawrence Libor Dolokhov / Ensemble / Understudy for Anatole (Dec 5 - Feb 18)
Marcus Nance Andrey / Old Prince Bolkonsky (Dec 5 - Feb 18)
Ben Carlson Andrey / Old Prince Bolkonsky (Feb 20 until Closing)
Louise Pitre Marya D. (Dec 5 - Feb 18)
Donna Garner Marya D. (Feb 20 until Closing)
Heeyun Park Mary / Understudy for Sonya
Andrew Penner Balaga / Ensemble / Understudy for Pierre
Brendan Wall Ensemble / Understudy for Dolokhov, Balaga, Andrey and Old Prince Bolkonsky

Creative Team

Dave Malloy Composer
Dave Malloy Librettist
Dave Malloy Orchestrations
Chris Abraham Director
Ray Hogg Choreographer
Ryan deSouza Music Director
Ryan Borshuk Sound Designer
Julie Fox Co-Set Designer
Joshua Quinlan Co-Set Designer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Ming Wong Costume Designer
Paolo Santalucia Assistant Director
Bryn Kennedy RBC Apprentice Director
郝邦宇Steven Hao RBC Apprentice Director
Tyler Pearse Assistant Choreographer
Skye Rogers RBC Apprentice Choreographer
Rachel O’Brien RBC Assistant to the Music Director


Rita Dottor Violin / Cello / Guitar
Donna Garner Cello / Accordion
George Krissa Guitar
Andrew Penner Drums / Guitar
Colleen Cook Clarinet / Bass Clarinet
Aleh Remezau Oboe / English Horn
Brendan Wall Double Bass / Accordion
Lawrence Libor Accordion / Guitar / Drums / Cello
Marcus Nance Clarinet
Alex Grant Cello
Clara Nguyen-Tran Viola
Ryan deSouza Piano
Ryan deSouza Conductor


Bryn Kennedy Research Assistant
Sarah Miller Stage Manager
Maya Bowers Assistant Stage Manager
Ciaran Brenneman Apprentice Stage Manager
Laura Delchiaro Head of Wardrobe
Ross Kerr-Wilson Head of Properties
David Atkinson Keyboard Programmer
Sharon Ryman Wig Head
Eric Evans Wig Assistant
Stephanie George Wig Maintenance
Geoff Hughes Cutter
Carly Beamish Stitcher
Janet Pym Stitcher
Kathleen Johnston Stitcher
Erin Halls Stitcher
Lisa Maximenko Props Builder
Trevor Ziebarth Props Builder
Emma Burnett Scenic Painter
Alex Butterworth Scenic Painter
Desiree Nechaco Scenic Painter
JB Nelles Scenic Painter
Chynah Philadelphia Scenic Painter
Michael Brunet Lead Stagehand
Nick Bond Lead Stagehand
Kim Schaedlich Lead Stagehand
Carlos Varela Serra Lead Stagehand
Leighton Smith Lead Stagehand
Angela Mae Bago Stagehand
Carissa Campbell Stagehand
Micah Champagne Stagehand
Harrison Clark Stagehand
Jadi Darawi Stagehand
Ryan Davy Stagehand
Stephanie Dilnot Stagehand
Allison Ferrier Stagehand
Dustin George Stagehand
Ryan Goldberg Stagehand
Steven Gwartz Stagehand
Robin Kadirgamar Stagehand
Meaghan Klotins Stagehand
Uri Livne-Bar Stagehand
Ryan McGarvey Stagehand
Shaun McPherson Stagehand
Ian Noble Stagehand
Remington North Stagehand
Arni Oloto Stagehand
Fotini Paraschos Stagehand
Sami Safarian Stagehand
Yusuke Takase Stagehand
Orie Takashina Stagehand
Phillip Travjcevski Stagehand


Gabby Noga Associate Producer
Kate Chubbs Production Coordinator
Heather Landon Senior Producer
Beth Wong Producer
LJ Savage Production Manager
Ryan Borshuk Technical Director
LJ Savage Facilities Manager
Amber Rea Assistant Technical Director
Jay Hines House Technician
Sergey Kublanovskiy House Technician
Zachery White House Technician
Stephanie Dilnot Production Assistant