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The Wrong Bashir ()

Produced by

Crow’s Theatre

Playwright: Zahida Rahemtulla
Director: Paolo Santalucia


Streetcar Crowsnest – The Guloien Theatre


May 21st, 2024 – June 9th, 2024


Bashir Ladha, a bohemian philosophy podcaster, finds himself unwittingly thrust into the spotlight when he is chosen to assume a distinguished religious position that his parents have eagerly accepted on his behalf. Before Bashir can object, two committee representatives are at his door to congratulate him. As the representatives start to suspect a mistake has been made, Bashir’s jubilant grandparents and relatives arrive to commemorate the honour. A charming farce ensues, prompting questions around whether the seemingly wrong Bashir may, in fact, be the right one. (


Sharjil Rasool Bashir
Bren Eastcott Nafisa
Sugith Varughese Sultan
Nimet Kanji Najma
Vijay Mehta Al Nashir
Pamela Mala Sinha Gulzar
Salim Rahemtulla Dadabapa
Zaittun Esmail Dadima
Parm Soor Mansour

Creative Team

Zahida Rahemtulla Playwright
Paolo Santalucia Director
Ken MacKenzie Set Designer
Ken MacKenzie Lighting Designer
Ming Wong Costume Designer
Jacob Lin 林鴻恩 Sound Designer


Neha Ross Stage Manager
Victoria Wang Assistant Stage Manager
Kelly McEvenue Alexander Technique Coach
Lisa Nighswander Head of Properties
Ellie Koffman Head of Wardrobe
Erin Halls Stitcher
Zachery White House Technician
Kim Schaedlich Crew Lead
Leighton Smith Crew Lead
Phillip Trajcevski Crew Lead
Shaun McPherson Crew Lead
Ada Evenden Crew
Damian Walker Crew
Emily Kuthe Crew
Ian Noble Crew
Jadi Darawi Crew
Nick Bond Crew
Sami Safarian Crew
Stephanie Dilnot Crew
Steven Gwartz Crew
JB Nelles Scenic Lead
Deanna Morrison Scenic Artist
Nadine Carpenter Scenic Artist
Rachel Smith Scenic Artist


Heather Landon Senior Producer
Beth Wong Producer
LJ Savage Director of Production
Jeremy Hutton Production Manager
Ryan Borshuk Technical Director
Amber Rea Assistant Technical Director