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Enter the Shadow: The Life of a B-Boy ()

Produced by

Break it Down Dance Initiatives and Harbourfront Centre

Artistic Director: Lee Pham and Jon Reid
Choreographer: Lee Pham and Jon Reid
Playwrights: Ins Choi and Lee Pham and Jon Reid


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


November 24th, 2011 – November 27th, 2011


Enter the Shadow and embark on a dynamic journey through b-boy dance culture. Let your senses guide you through the world as seen through eyes of a b-boy; surrounded by conflict, inspiration and the ongoing battle to find new means of artistic communication. A place where the streets are your canvas, your body is your brush and the music is your paint. Enter the Shadow, the life of a b-boy. (


Lee Pham Len
Jon Reid Jo
Adrian Bernard Nathan
Troy Feldman Tie
Matthew Walker Crew
Onton See Crew
Miquelon Rodriguez Director / Host
David Forteau Rival Crew / Security
Savio Suen Rival Crew / Security
Robin Chan Rival Crew / Security
Anthony Kim Rival Crew / Security
Paul Thurton Rival Crew / Security
Malgorzata Nowacka Ensemble
Samantha Smith Ensemble
Sarah Helps Ensemble
Robyn Noftall Ensemble
Avya Rossouw-Holland Ensemble
Jimmy Lin Ensemble
Gregory John Villiarico Ensemble
Patricia Gomba Ensemble
Michael Le Ensemble
Jeremy Hughes Ensemble

Creative Team

Lee Pham Artistic Direction
Jon Reid Artistic Direction
Lee Pham Choreographer
Jon Reid Choreographer
Ins Choi Playwright
Lee Pham Playwright
Jon Reid Playwright
Jasmine Chen Associate Director
Jasmine Chen Dramaturge
Dave Yan Sound Designer
Oz Weaver Lighting Designer
Ken MacKenzie Set Designer
Jenna McCutchen Costume Designer
Andrew Chung Projection Designer
Matt Bilewicz Graphic Designer
Annie Killam Photography


Lee Pham Production Manager
Matt Sweet Production Manager
Beth Wong Stage Manager
Saba Kahn Assistant Stage Manager