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No Strings (Attached) ()

Produced by

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and Eventual Ashes and Pink Pluto

Director: Gein Wong
Writer: Sunny Drake


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


March 16th, 2016 – March 26th, 2016


No Strings (Attached) is a smart, fast-paced take on dating in the age of social media and technology that blends first-person confessional stories with interactive video and sound. It follows Jimmy, a self-confessed romance addict, as he shares his struggle to find a meaningful relationship in a world obsessed with monogamy and unsure of what to keep from mainstream relationship models and what to re-invent. At once personal and political, Jimmy’s romantic tragedies found in his own jealousy and high expectations, as much as in the larger social forces that impact the ways we love each other. (Buddies in Bad Times)


Sunny Drake Performer
Jackie Cooper Romance-aholic Anonymous Greeter
Jarrod Clegg Romance-aholic Anonymous Greeter

Creative Team

Gein Wong Director
Sunny Drake Writer
Joe Pagnan Set Designer
Joe Pagnan Costume Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Jade Lee Hoy Immersive Space Designer
Gein Wong Video
Laura Warren Video
Alex Williams Video
Hisayo Horie Video
Njo Kong Kie Composer
Catherine Hernandez Dramaturge
Ann Powell Puppet Director
Mario Piñon Consultant
Jazz Kamal Cabaret Technician


Beth Wong Stage Manager
Shawn Henry Props Assistant
Joce Tremblay Props Assistant
Erica Meyers Props Assistant
Jenny So Props Assistant
Michelle Tracey Stitcher/Builder
Sage Willow ASL Interpreter
Tala Jalili ASL Interpreter
Bee Sack Audience Development
Miquelon Rodriguez Pre-Show Sound